Top New Android Apps to Download

Now that Android apps have infiltrated most people’s daily lives, the amount of quality releases is staggering. On average, people around the world use nine apps a day. While Apple used to be the standard, Android apps have caught up extremely quickly. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of Android app downloads soared from 50 billion to 90 billion. As Android phones continue to exceed previous expectations, so are their apps. The demand for Android apps is too resounding for developers to ignore, which is paving the way for some quality releases.

Getting featured on Google Play is noticeably less stringent than the App store, which motivates more developers to apply. Emboldened by the lack of restrictions, developers flood this store with potential programs. Currently Google Play store boasts over 3 million apps, and this catalogue is growing drastically every month. In the first quarter of 2018, over 6,140 Android apps debuted on Google Play each day. Even though this staggering amount of choices is refreshing, it creates its own unique issue for Android users.

Now that the floodgates have been opened to new Android apps, picking the best ones is nearly impossible. There are too many new programs for one person to try, which makes identifying the best ones a collective effort. To highlight which releases are worth downloading, we compiled a list of the best Android apps released last month. They managed to stand out amongst fierce competition, so discover what makes them special!

New Android Apps Everyone Should Have

New Android Apps
Turn your time on the road into a friendly competition!

Android App #3: Drivetime – Even though commuting can be a drag, it provides the perfect opportunity to stay sharp. Nowadays, everyone who drives to work is looking for a way to enhance this dead time in their schedule. While podcasts and radio are the main entertainment options, they fail to provide mental competition. For this reason, Drivetime has released a series of quizzes to fill the gap. Answering their questions is done entirely by voice, which makes it perfect to use on the open road. They also have social elements where users can compete, so spice up your commute with some eye-opening quizzes!

New Android Apps
Get the most out of your battery with these stylish wallpapers.

Android App #2: Artwalls – When it comes to improving your smartphone’s battery life, having the right background wallpaper makes all the difference. Even though they can be breathtaking, the brighter a wallpaper is the more it drains your battery. This inconvenient truth wasn’t lost on YASAN, so the developer created this AMOLED-friendly wallpaper app. By providing abstract wallpapers that look good and feature battery-friendly dark colors, users get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Their selection is growing every month, which provides enough variety to never get bored with the same images. There’s no reason to sacrifice your battery for an image, so start using wallpaper that optimizes your phone’s performance!

New Android Apps
Start browsing the internet with real protection.

Android App #1: Tor Browser – In an age where privacy has gone out the window, this app is a godsend. When using traditional browsers, third parties can easily access information that most users prefer remaining private. Aside from the usual location and browser history, this infiltration can go as deep as stealing credit card information. The current lack of privacy is disconcerting, which made creating a new browser necessary.

As our privacy continues to be invaded, more users are demanding a viable alternative. Tor Browser took these concerns and created an internet browser that’s actually safe to use. Through utilizing 3 encryption layers and passing connections through multiple servers, their users are protected from unwanted intruders. Despite not being as flashy as other platforms, Tor beats any other incognito mode available. It’s free to use, so start using the internet without worrying about losing your personal information!

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