Working of Samsung Folding Galaxy F Phone- Explained by Infographic

In November 2018  Samsung revealed its world-second folding phone showcasing a future of holographic displays wand to mark that fact it’s released an infographic of all its biggest developments over the years  including folding tech. This infographic takes us through those developments and more, culminating in the yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy F phone.

Samsung Galaxy foldable phone

The Folding Phones Coming In 2019

Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone

In 2019 you will witness a new of smartphones booming in the market. Samsung has in its flagship offers  both ‘Galaxy F’ and ‘Galaxy X’ which will be more like a plus-sized phone that expands into a tablet. Samsung Electronics has also requested new trademarks for the names Infinity-Flex, Infinity-O, Infinity-U and Infinity-V.

Your need to carry both a smartphone and tablet will end if it succeeds in the mission, as people will gravitate to a combination smartphone and tablet that takes advantage of the folding tech.

Besides Samsung other brand phones launching their foldable smartphones will be LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Apple.

There are rumours of the LG Flex, Foldi or Duplex suggesting the company is getting close to releasing their own folding smartphone/tablet.

According to LG Mobile’s CEO they are working hard with their partners on various obstacles that can occur while folding and unfolding. They will release it at a time when they can provide enough customer value rather than releasing it for the first time in the world.

It could be a way for LG to boost their market from being a strong challenger to the dominance of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone business but bring a range of devices to buyers.

Apple though has rarely discuss plans for products unless they are really close to release but rumours are that it has filed patents for a folding iPhone. But there’s a long way between filing patents and actually releasing a product.

Apple’s plans are interesting as they include some stylish battery tech that allows a display to be rolled up like a scroll according to Patently Apple.

Huawei is another phone brand that has filed patents for their own folding phone with the company saying they have already built working prototypes of a smartphone that opens up to become a tablet.

Another is Lenovo and their leaked videos suggest they may actually be ahead of many others when it comes to releasing a folding smartphone. But some rumours suggest Lenovo’s focus may be more on a foldable tablet rather than a smartphone.

2019 might certainly have more of such news in the coming months which we will share with you.

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