Why AI May Save Samsung’s Reputation

Samsung is incorporating a surprising element in the Note 8 & Galaxy S8, artificial intelligence. Recently the Korean giant announced that the next batch of smartphones would include an AI digital assistant. This news was shocking, since AI is just starting to cross over into smartphones. But after such a disastrous year, Samsung has to do something extreme to save its image.

The horrific debut of the Note 7 is still being fixed, so it’s prime time to try something new. Fortunately clients are still expressing loyalty to Samsung, so there’s still hope for a comeback. A majority of Note 7 customers are opting for other Samsung phones; some are still refusing to turn their Note 7’s in. Only time will tell if the Note 8 can repair the damage done by its predecessor.

AI May Be Samsung’s Salvation

The Galaxy S8 will likely have a powerful sidekick.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely the future of technology, & it may also be able to save Samsung. For those of you in the dark, AI is the ability of a machine to exhibit human like intelligence. Experts around the world agree that this is the next frontier for computing. While this has long been a techie’s pipe dream, it’s now crossing over to smartphones. Pretty much every major company is working on some sort of improved virtual assistant. Apple created Siri, Amazon has Alexa & Google Now is making headlines. It appears that every major cellphone carrier is going full throttle on creating the next industry staple.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung is getting in deep with AI technology. The tech giant recently purchased a promising AI company from San Jose, California called Viv Labs. Made up of 50 employees, this company has already stolen the spotlight. Their innovative team is behind Viv, a visionary startup that’s shaking up the industry. Viv is a multi-platform software that allows users to perform a slew of tasks. Booking hotel rooms, ordering flowers & researching the weather can all be done through natural voice commands. As an interesting twist, Viv’s co-creator Dag Kittlaus also co-created Siri. Now we have the same creator of the iPhone’s voice working with Apple’s fiercest rival.

Samsung has its back against the wall.

It’s no secret that the Note 8 has to be a game changer. This time there can’t be any fires, & something has to entice customers to trust Samsung again. Since Samsung is already famous for creating top notch phones, the only thing missing is something no one has ever done before. That special ingredient is bound to be a provocative AI assistant. The Korean giant is already baiting former Note 7 owners with a seductive upgrade plan. In South Korea, Note 7 owners will get a financial incentive of 100,000 won ($88.39) to get a Note 8.

Marketing the Note 8 will be a challenge, so hopefully it will pack a jaw-dropping AI feature. The lawsuits from the first wave of Note 7’s are already trickling in, so Samsung is scrambling to save its reputation. Over 2 million washing machines just got recalled for unwanted explosions, so the clock is ticking. If Samsung doesn’t create something radically better than the competition they may be doomed. Fortunately, the company has managed to survive similar scandals. We can only hope for the best until the next round of smartphones are released.

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