Samsung’s smart belt to monitor your health

Welt Belt

Samsung is not only smart in phones but also has a belt that you can wear which acts as a gadget that can monitor your waistline and your health. This belt is named as WELT and was developed by Samsung’s C Lab which uses a sensor and pedometer to monitor your waistline, activity and food intake. The belt chargers similar like a smartphone and lasts for more than 20 days. Available for both men and women you can buy one for $69.

WELT Features

Welt Charger

  • Welt first appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.
  • WELT, short for ‘wellness belt’ is a fitness tracker, and works as a fashion accessory.
  • As said above WELT looks like a belt on the outside but is designed with sensors and a pedometer.
  • The smart belt tracks the wearer’s steps, calculates how long they have been in the seated position, monitors overeating and keeps an eye on the waist line. It recognizes waist sizes from 28 inches to 44 inches circumference.
  • WELT charges just like a smartphone and have a battery life of more than 20 days.
  • Just like most fitness trackers on the market, this smart belt comes with its own app that curates health guidance for its users.

Samsung Welt App

The app is simple, all of the information it gathers is shown on one screen as there is no need to stress your brain over raw data that isn’t meaningful. It uses a built-in pedometer that tracks how many steps the wearer takes in a day and also monitors how long they sit on a daily basis. Although you may exercise, prolonged sitting can increase risks of certain health complications.

WELT standout among the average fitness band is that users can actually see how many inches they lose around the waist. The accompanied app displays the size of your waist and every time you move a notch down on the belt, the number will also go down in a bid to keep wearer’s motivated.

WELT’s magnetic waist sensor is embedded in the buckle and tracks your waist size in real time.

Welt App Samsung

Overeating is one of the factors for many who have a few extra inches around the waist and based on your caloric intake, your waist can grow or shrink within a half an hour. Using WELT, wearers can see just how much their stomach expands after eating in order to help improve their dieting habits. It offers four different lines of the smart belt to choose from: Classic, Classic Men, Classic Women and Premium. You can buy this fitness belt from Amazon store and online at Samsung store.

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