What Makes the Note 9 Different From the Note 8?

Even though they are both quality smartphones, a few key differences separate the Galaxy Note 9 from its predecessor. Ever since their epic debut in 2011, the Galaxy Note series has been Samsung’s salvation. This was the first commercially successful line of phablets, which paved the way for a mobile revolution. Despite suffering a temporary crisis in 2016, the Galaxy Note remains Samsung’s most popular smartphone. Millions of their most die-hard fans patiently wait each year for their favorite Korean phablet. For this reason, it’s no surprise that Samsung went the extra mile on the Note 9.

When comparing the two releases, it’s obvious that Samsung aims to impress. From the battery to the display, everything about the Note 8 has been enlarged on this new release. Even though the Note 9 doesn’t come out until August 24th, users are already scrambling to see if it’s worth the upgrade. While it doesn’t automatically make the Note 8 obsolete, there’s plenty to be excited about Samsung’s latest flagship release.

Despite being a heroic upgrade, only a few major changes separate the Note 9 from last year’s model. To decide if trading in your current phone is necessary, a little research is essential. For this reason, we compiled a list of the main differences between the Note 8 & 9. While they may be nuances for some, they are undeniably big advancements for the Galaxy Note lineup. Prepare to be impressed by these upgrades, since they showcase how fast the industry is advancing!

Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy Note 8

Note 9
A few features received big upgrades.

Difference #3: Augmented Features – Note fans are delighted that this release boasts a larger battery, display & storage options. The Galaxy Note 9 has a 4,000mAh battery, which dwarfs the Note 8’s 3,300mAh power source. This is the largest battery ever featured on a Galaxy phone, so it will be interesting seeing how long it lasts.

Just like the battery, the Note 9’s screen has also reached new extremes. Clocking in at 6.4-inches, it’s the largest edge-to-edge display ever featured on a Note device. This is noticeably bigger than the Note 8’s 6.3-inch Infinity screen, which gives users even more screen space to tackle projects.

On top of providing a larger battery & display, Samsung added more internal storage to back it up. Instead of sticking with the Note 8’s 64GB, 128GB & 256GB options, the Note 9 comes with a minimum 128GB. 512GB of internal memory is also available, which allows the Note 9 to store a terabyte of data with a memory card.

Note 9
This dual camera setup utilizes impressive technology.

Difference #2: The Cameras – Even though the Note 8 had one of the best camera setups of 2017, this model manages to be even better. Thanks to a diverse combination of intelligence features, the Note 9’s camera is making history. It automatically identifies elements of a photo and applies filters that are ideal. The cameras also boast flaw detection, which alerts the user with a notification if the image is blurry or someone blinks. Combined with its advanced noise reduction technology & improved Dual Aperture lens, this camera is undeniably impressive.

Note 9
The S Pen can now control multiple surprising features.

Difference #1: The S Pen – Over the years, this feature has become a defining aspect of the Note series. By equipping this year’s S Pen with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support, Samsung made this accessory more functional. Now users can present slides, pause & play video & take selfies just by clicking the pen. Developers can integrate the pen’s BLE functionalities into their apps, which makes this S Pen a revolutionary tool.

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