Get Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and a Free Chromebook from Amazon

Samsung’s the most updated and latest brand Galaxy Note 9 is absolutely awesome and perfect for people who are looking for the sizable amount of storage, a large screen, and an intelligent S Pen functionality. But when it comes to the costing of this phone with above-listed features, $999 starting price is definitely not that everyone can afford.  Just do not forget that you are going to get a lot of what’s good about the Note 9 in the Galaxy S9 also and with a less price tag.

Combo Offer

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and a Free Chromebook from Amazon

Right now Amazon is offering an amazing deal on the S9 and S9 Plus that comes with a Samsung Chromebook 3 for free. At a starting cost of $719, you can have both the S9 and Chromebook 3. But if you are not willing to have Chromebook3, you may also only get the S9 Plus separately at a cost of $839. These prices display the real cost of each device if brought unlocked. With this, you’re also getting a free Chrome OS laptop.

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Although Note 9 is a sure shot awesome choice for some if you need a tool that can help you learn something going back to school or any other reason, opting for Samsung’s other flagship introduced earlier this year could be an ideal choice. You will not be losing much or compromising anything.

Most updated Features

Most updated Features

In addition, you will also get an equally tall, pixel-dense screen, a microSD slot to expand the storage if you ever need, the updated Snapdragon 845 chipset, and the revised fingerprint sensor installed under the camera. The S9 Plus had 6GB of RAM that matches what the Note 9 starts with, but for less cost. Apart from this, for a few days, you will also get exclusive access to an Android version of the Fortnite game to enjoy.

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