Video Game Companies With The Highest Revenues

As the industry continues to adapt and flourish, some video game companies are generating staggering profits. This isn’t surprising, since the games industry has reached new heights. In total games and the media around it created $108.4 billion in 2017 revenue. This shocking amount is divided into three main sectors: mobile, PC and consoles. While consoles generated $8.3 billion and PC games raked in $33 billion, mobile games dominated the industry with $59.2 billion. This noticeable disparity highlights the fact that mobile gaming is the future of the industry.

Even though last year’s figures are impressive, the gaming industry is only set to get bigger. The $82 billion spent on mobile and PC games was $14 billion higher than in 2016. This massive increase is fueled by free-to-play titles and the sheer size of the customer base. In total 2.5 billion players spent money on games last year, which creates a resounding demand for new games. This insatiable need for new releases has made video game companies scramble to keep up with demand. No matter how many titles are released, it’s never enough to completely dilute the industry.

While the best video game company is debatable, there’s no mystery surrounding which ones generate the most revenue. Armed with a massive selection of quality releases, these corporations are dominating the industry. In a way they are pioneering video games as we know them, which makes them impossible to ignore. To showcase the scope of their impact, we compiled a list of video game companies with the highest revenue. Prepare to be impressed by the amount of money these companies generate, since it defies all predictions!

Top Video Game Companies By Revenue

Video Game Companies
Apple is the main provider of mobile games.

Video Game Company #3: Apple ($8.03 billion) – Even though this company isn’t focused on gaming, they generate billions every year from mobile games. While OSX remains a niche platform, mobile gaming has evolved into the most lucrative part of the games industry. The growing popularity of mobile gaming is making the App Store one of the leading providers of video games.

Thanks to the robust selection of gaming apps available in the App Store, Apple is the king of mobile games. Currently around 811,911 gaming apps are available, and this number is growing every year. While this pales in comparison with the 2.45 million non-gaming apps on the platform, it’s still enough to put Apple at the forefront of the industry. In total 180 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store, which affects a majority of the world’s population. As mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity, so will Apple’s influence on the games industry.

Video Game Companies
Sony took the world by storm with the release of PlayStation.

Video Game Company #2: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC ($10.4 billion) – This multinational video game and digital entertainment company has pioneered video games as we know it. Backed by the Sony Corporation, they launched the infamous PlayStation console in 1994. This proved to be a historical moment for the industry, since it became one of the most popular consoles of all-time. To date the company has sold over 525 million PlayStation consoles and pioneered many of its most revered games. They recently moved their headquarters from Tokyo to San Mateo, California, which will pave the way for more quality releases.

Video Game Companies
Tencent has managed to wrestle control of Asia’s lucrative gaming market.

Video Game Company #1: Tencent Games ($18.12 billion ) – Based in Shenzhen, China, Tencent Games is the largest gaming company on the planet. They are the video game holding and publishing division of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, which is directly responsible for growing video games’ popularity Asia. Ever since it was founded in 2003, they have taken the industry by storm with a series of wildly popular releases. Some of their most notable creations are Clash of Clans, League of Legends and Clash Royale. They also have controlling stakes in Supercell, Grinding Gear Games, Riot Games and multiple other video game studios. They are located in the heart of the most active gaming area of the world, so their empire is poised to expand even further.

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