How to update your Samsung phone using Kies and with Odin

Updating Samsung with Kies

You need to update your Samsung phone with latest software and new features with improved default apps. As many Android updates are being sent over the air  or as you call the OTA updates, but if your Samsung phone didn’t receive one, then the official Samsung Kies software is the way to update it which is the only official way to do so.

Samsung pushes updates for your Samsung device using their own software called Samsung Kies. This useful tool doesn’t just upgrade your firmware – it backs up and restores your data, as well and basically simplifies most of the important processes on your phone.

It’s very easy to update your phone using kies. Just follow the simple steps below and see how you go through it

Updating with Kies

Obviously the first step will be to download and install Samsung Kies from the official website. Once it’s installed, fire up the software.

Connect your Samsung device to your PC using the USB cable.

Before doing an update, it’s recommended to do a backup of your data. Therefore save all your photos and videos before you update using Kies.

Your device should appear in the upper left side of the window screen. Once it does, click on the device name. A new window should appear on the right side of Kies.

Look for the “Firmware Information” tab – if there are any new updates available, the message “New Firmware is Available” should be displayed. If it’s shown, press the “Firmware Upgrade” button. A new window will appear. The process will take you through multiple phases like  ‘Download’ > ‘Upgrade’ > ‘Complete’.

At the end of the process, your device will ask for a reboot. Click “OK” on the message displayed in Samsung Kies. It’s now safe to disconnect your device from your PC.

To check if the process was done correctly you can go to Settings -> About Phone and see the latest Android version there.

Updating with Odin

If you but hear about a new firmware rolling out for Samsung and you cannot see that updates on Samsung Kies and you do not wish to wait for it because ultimately it is going to come, you can install the update using Odin. Odin is a flashing software tool for Samsung Android Smartphones

This isn’t the official way to do it, but if you really want to go for it then follow the simple steps given below. As Samsung Kies is not compatible with Odin. You have to make sure that Kies is not running in your system tray. It is recommended to uninstall Kies before using Odin.

Again as a first step Download Odin 3.09 or find the compatible version of Odin according to your Samsung device.

Extract the content from Odin to your computer.  Then download the latest firmware for your device.

Download and install the Samsung USB Drivers.

With the device turned off, press ‘Power+Volume Down+Home’ to enter Download Mode. If this key combination doesn’t work, just Google ‘Device Name+Download Mode’.

Connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable.

Right click on Odin 3.09 and click on ‘run as administrator’.

Updating the Odin

There is a section called (on the left upper side of the window). The blank space underneath it will turn blue if your device is recognized. If the phone is not recognized make sure you have installed the USB Drivers.

Click on ‘AP’ and add the .tar.md5 file from the firmware archive.

Do not place anything under the PIT section and make sure that “re-partition” is NOT checked. On the left side you will see re-partition under the Option tab.

When the firmware file is loaded, you can press START to being the installation.

Don’t touch the USB cable while the firmware is being flashed.

At the end you will see a message saying ‘PASS” on a green background. This means that the installation is done. The device should reboot and run on the new firmware.

You need to be careful when you navigate the Samsung firmware update process using Odin. It is important to read the directions carefully before touching your phone. Also print them out and follow them closely step-by-step. Make sure you understand all the risks associated with installing firmware on your Samsung phone using Odin.

It is but better to have patience and update with Samsung Kies which has no risks involved  and updates well in lesser time too.

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