Two smartphones-The Galaxy S8 or the new OnePlus 5 – Which one is better for you?

Samsung S 8 and One Plus 5

This year 2017 two smartphones were released one being Samsung Galaxy S8 and other being One Plus 5. You must have been reading the reviews for Samsung flagship of Galaxy S8 phones and its features about having the best camera, design, screen and specifications. On the other hand One Plus 5 new phone also is filled with lots of unique things so if you are given a choice as which one is better then you might be a bit thoughtful, right. Here compare the two smartphones and find which one is really better for you.

Design and Display

The Galaxy S8 has a striking design compared with the OnePlus 5. The combination of the invisible home button, curved display edges, rounded display corners, taller aspect ratio, and ultra-narrow borders around its display makes the S8 a strikingly beautiful smartphone that also looks more modern than the utilitarian design of the OnePlus 5.

Also the Galaxy S8 has a sharper display. You can set the S8’s display to a 1440p resolution, which is sharper than the OnePlus 5’s 1080p resolution. The Galaxy S8 is water-resistant, but the OnePlus 5 is not as Samsung is keen to boast about the S8’s IP 68 water resistance, which allows it to survive down to a depth of 1.5 metres (nearly five feet) for up to half an hour.

Charging and unlocking

The Galaxy S8 features wireless charging.Wireless charging is a nice feature to have for topping up the Galaxy S8 during the day and you can unlock the Galaxy S8 by just looking at it means you can use your face to unlock the Galaxy S8 without reaching for the fingerprint scanner.The Galaxy S8’s facial recognition also lets you unlock the phone by simply waking it up with the power button.

Samsung pay and Android Pay

The Galaxy S8 features Samsung Pay, but the OnePlus 5 only has Android Pay. So there’s an important difference. Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S8 works almost anywhere because it uses similar magnetic-based technology as a regular credit card. Meanwhile, the near-field-communication (NFC) based Android Pay on the OnePlus 5 only works on payment terminals that have NFC technology.

Smartphones and cameras

The OnePlus 5’s dual-lens camera certainly has its own good points, as it’s an excellent camera that can do things the Galaxy S8 can’t, like the professional-looking Portrait mode and enhanced optical zooming thanks to that second telephoto lens. But the Galaxy S8 has the superior camera, especially in low-light situations.

So what’s the difference between two phones

The prices of the two smartphones- Huge one

The OnePlus 5’s $US480 price tag, compared with the Galaxy S8’s $US720 starting cost. Price, on it’s own, is a huge factor. You can buy a lot of things for the $US240 that you would be saving by going for the OnePlus 5, like video games, computer parts, and other choice of liking.

Fingerprint and the iris Scanner

The Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner is surprisingly frustrating to use. Located on the back of the phone is not much easier to quick find it though you can also unlock phones with front-facing fingerprint scanners while they’re resting on a table without lifting the phone first.

But the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner is surprisingly inaccurate unless you place your finger perfectly onto the scanner. That’s a big problem, as the fingerprint scanner isn’t easy to find with your finger. You might always end up placing your finger near the scanner and sliding it over to the scanner’s centre, it will want you to re-scan your fingerprint several times which is annoying.

On the other hand the OnePlus 5’s fingerprint scanner is accurate and incredibly fast and will seldom ask you to re-scan your fingerprint after the first time and is much faster than Samsung device. Pressing each phone’s fingerprint at exactly the same time, the S8 clearly has a delay to unlock compared with the OnePlus 5.

The Galaxy S8’s iris scanning feature isn’t great either. Though it is fast and accurate, so long as you’re holding the phone at a perfect distance from your eyes and they’re lined up perfectly with the guide circles on the screen. Also  it’s a multi-step process to use the iris scanner – press the home button > swipe the lock screen > line up your eyes with the phone – this  becomes a frustrating experience. It works, but it’s not as fast or convenient as a fingerprint scanner.

Also facial recognition on the Galaxy S8 doesn’t always work well, either. It’s fast and requires far fewer steps than the iris scanner. Yet, it will occasionally fail to register your face, and you either have to tap the tiny button to re-attempt the facial recognition, use the ineffective fingerprint scanner, or enter your PIN number.

So though the Galaxy S8 is a good phone but due to its time consuming unlocking it proves dull against the One Plus 5 which work much faster to unlock the phone. Also price wise it is bit expensive. So if you are the one who is using phone most and  is always busy unlocking the phone to see the notifications, play games, chat or send message then Samsung Galaxy S8 is not that reliable compared to One Plus 5. One Plus 5 is a solid Android phone too and finally its your choice to see which one is better for you.

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