Start Saving with the Top Discount Apps in Australia

Now that overspending has accidentally been engrained in our culture, more Aussies are turning to discount apps to save. This trend is far from surprising, since most people’s expenditures are completely out of control. While Aussies spend an average of $143.54 a month on petrol, this figures pales in comparison to what’s being invested in food and beverages. Between groceries, alcohol and takeaway, Aussies are burning through an average of $285 a week. This adds up to $272 billion a year, and many of these expenses are avoidable.

Even though surviving in a first world country isn’t cheap, there are multiple ways to get your spending under control. One third of Australians don’t have a food budget, and an additional 25% fail to adhere to their budgets. A majority of the poorest Aussies are overspending on nearly every faucet of their lives. While these predicaments are caused by poor habits, there is an unlikely salvation. Fortunately for those who want to continue living large, a few programs are making occasional indulgence possible.

Now that Australians have plenty of viable options in their app store, reigning in your spending is only a few downloads away. The plight of living on the go isn’t lost on developers, and this realization has paved the way for plenty of discount apps. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the top programs that are helping Australians save. From petrol to groceries, there are plenty of ways to curb your spending. There’s too many options to blindly consume, so discover which apps will help re-invigorate your budget!

Top Discount Apps in Australia

Fuel Map
Find out which petrol stations have the best prices.

App #3: Fuel Map – Owning a car is a blessing, but this convenience comes at a price. Every day millions of Aussies are reminded of this whenever they are forced to fill up their tank. Fortunately, there are options for bargain shopping for petrol. Fuel Map is a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations throughout Australia. It’s constantly being updated by its users to provide accurate reporting on each station’s prices. By scanning through this app, users are able to locate the cheapest petrol near them. This app is a godsend, so start shopping for petrol at the most advantageous stations!

Get access to discounts on all the luxuries you crave.

App #2: Groupon – Even though switching to being frugal is important, it doesn’t mean completely cutting out all amenities. For those who still want to go out and hit the town, this discount app is indispensable. When using Groupon, users get flooded with a steady stream of deals. These discounts range from restaurants, spas, fashion and travel. The list of options is limitless, and they can all be access through the code on your phone. Quit punishing yourself and start going out strategically with this app!

Discount Apps
Start shopping wisely with this essential app.

App #1: Half Price – When it comes to weekly spending, groceries top most lists throughout Australia. On average Aussies spend $135 a week on groceries, and this adds up quickly throughout the year. Even though cooking at home is essential, there are ways to cut down on costs. For those who want access to the best deals at Australia’s top supermarkets, Half Price is a game changer. This app provides a list of the latest half price specials that are going on at Coles and Woolworths. It’s updated every Wednesday morning, which allows users to save on everything from veggies to cola. Take a noticeable chunk out of your weekly spending by utilizing this free app!

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