How to create Samsung account in Tizen based smartphones?

Tizen smartphones

Tizen smartphones though are not widely popluar in Australia but for those who might be owing one here is how to create Samsung account in Tizen bases smartphone. Actually Tizen is a Linux based mobile operating system backed by the Linux Foundation but developed and used primarily by Samsung Electronics.

The project was originally conceived as an HTML5-based platform for mobile devices to succeed MeeGo. Samsung merged its previous Linux-based OS effort, Bada, into Tizen, and has since used it primarily on platforms such as wearable devices and smart TVs.

In 2014, Samsung released the Gear 2 smartwatch, which migrated to a Tizen-based operating system as opposed to Android.

In 2015 the Samsung Z3, a Tizen-based smartphone was launched that offered a powerful performance and easy customization. The 5-inch Super AMOLED Display delivers clearer and deeper images, along with the advanced 8 megapixel Bright Lens camera to capture more detailed images. ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ ensures continuous performance with low battery.

Tizen smartphone technologies include a flexible and powerful user interface, 3D window effects, advanced multimedia, location based service frameworks, sensor frameworks, and multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities. In addition, support for scalable screen resolution means that the platform can deliver a consistent user experience across a broad range of handset types and form factors.

Tizen wearable technologies bring the same rich, flexible and powerful features from mobile profile, to much smaller form factors like smartwatches, without compromise on performance, battery life and ease of use.

How to create Samsung account in Tizen based smartphones?

Tizen Smartphone

To create your Samsung account in Tizen based smartphone simply drag the screen upwards to access Apps screen.

  • Then tap on settings
  • Next tap on Accounts
  • Then tap on Add account
  • Next tap on Samsung account which you will find in the list of accounts.
  • Then tap on Create account

How to create Samsung Account

  • Enter all the details like email, user name and password and tap on Next
  • Now confirm password by re-entering and then tap on Next .
  • Finally Tap on OK

Also you need to agree all terms and conditions by marking the checkbox and then tap on Agree .

Account Verification

Verify samsung account

As when you create any email account and need to verify it like Gmail or any other, similarly you have to verify your Samsung account so that it is activated and ready to use. So to verify your created account next thing is to Tap on Verify account.

It will open to your login screen where you need to enter your Email ID and Password which you had used while creating your Samsung account and then tap on Sign in .

Then tap on the Mail where you will receive a verification email link. Then tap on verify account with the link provided. Next tap and close the screen.  You will receive a message within seconds or few minutes that your Samsung account has been activated. Find out which services are available for you with your Samsung account. Next tap on OK  and now creating Samsung account is complete on your Tizen smartphone device and ready to use.

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