Top 6 Free Calls Apps to Download

The basic idea of mobile phones is to create such a version of calling that requires no physical proximity between the transmitter and the receiver, in other words, a telephone line. Mobile phones with the internet are multi-tasking devices in the back of your pocket. With some good internet, you can surf up anything in your day to day life. But make sure to buy some good Wi-Fi connection otherwise all will be for naught. Below are the best free calls apps for Android.

1. Discord


Discord is a basic gaming and chatting platform but you can use it for anything other than that as well. You can create groups and channels within the app. There are other features such as messages, stickers, and all kinds of chatting features. YouTubers nowadays are starting their discord channel to increase their viewers. To be precise, it is more like a voice chat feature and that is the reason, it falls under this category. The app is entirely free and available on Google Play.


2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Free Calls Apps to Download
Facebook Messenger

By far, one of the most widely used social networking app, Facebook Messenger for Android is an app that not only allows chatting but also comes with a voice call feature nowadays. Sure, Facebook apps are clunky, slow, and consume a considerable amount of battery but the app offers you many different features besides voice chatting. It even has some games to play. The biggest stronghold of this app is that it is widely used and you don’t need anyone to switch from something they already use.


3. Google Duo

Google Duo a Free chat app
Google Duo

Being a video chatting app, Google Duo makes it easier for you to have better video chatting quality. All you need to do is log in to your google account and confirm your number. The person on the receiving end, however, needs to download the app and follow the same procedure. It is a multi-platform and so it is available on both iOS and Android. It is available on Google Play and is free of cost.


4. GrooVeIP

GrooVeIP a free call app

GrooVeIP is an amazing app for free calls. It provides you with a US phone number and the service supports both text and calls. The tediousness that comes with this app is a little iffy. You have to complete offers and watch ads to purchase free credits. There is also an option of purchasing credits as well. The app becomes incoherent from update to update but it is free so we won’t complain much. It is available on Google Play and is free of cost.


5. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger Free Calls Apps to Download
Signal Private Messenger

An app that focuses vastly on security, Signal Private Messenger is an app that includes voice calls, text messages, and other social features. The person on the receiving end would be left satisfied and content with the quality of the connectivity but he/she needs to be using the app. The app is completely free. For those concerned about security and free calls, this app rids you with all such concerns of yours. It is to be duly noted that the app provides impeccable security only if both parties are using it. This app is available on Google Play and is free of cost.


6. Slack

Slack a free call app

A rising of popular chat service, Slack needs to be used for both the parties to enjoy free calls. Businesses, both big and small, have been using this app for quite a while now. It features channel creations, individual messaging to people, and with a boatload of different fun features as well. The quality, however, degrades if you are talking to someone on the other side of the world but all in all, Slack is one of the best free calls apps for Android and is available on Google Play and is free of cost.

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