These Galaxy Releases Transformed Samsung’s Reputation

Even though Samsung has an illustrious Galaxy lineup, a few releases manage to stand out. By adding new features and design changes, these innovative smartphones changed the public’s perception of Android phones. From metal unibody frames to faster processors, key improvements helped captivate new clients. These breakthroughs helped the industry progress, since it opened doors for competitors. Slowly yet surely, users realized that Apple wasn’t the only company who created quality smartphones. This realization paved the way for some of the most cherished smartphones ever released.

On top of breaking down doors, these Galaxy prodigies helped Samsung dominate the smartphone industry. Today the Korean tech giant ships over 300 million phones to 100 countries around the world. Controlling 30% of all mobile phone sales is staggering, and it wouldn’t be possible without quality releases.

Even though Samsung’s catalogue of phones is vast, there’s no denying the impact of the Galaxy lines. These phones helped shape the future of the industry, which makes them impossible to ignore. To highlight their influence on the industry, we created a list of the most influential Galaxy releases. These phones broke all the rules and made people rethink the stereotype that Android phones are inferior to iPhones. Changing internationally held biases is no easy feat, which makes these phones even more special. Discover which phones shook up the industry with this eye-opening list!

Most Influential Galaxy Releases

Galaxy Releases
The Note 2 made the public fall in love with phablets.

Galaxy Smartphone #3: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – When this phone released in 2012, phablets were largely perceived as unnecessary. The world had never been introduced to a functional phablet, so this ignorance was understandable. Ironically, by the end of the year millions of users had changed their stance on phablets. This was due to the wild popularity of the Galaxy Note 2.

While the original Galaxy Note was the world’s first introduction to phablets, the Note 2 changed everyone’s perception. What made the Galaxy Note 2 memorable was the fact that it combined high end specs with a massive 5.5-inch screen. It had split-screen capabilities that allowed users to simultaneously load PowerPoint and take notes with the S Pen. This was a game changing development that made this release an instant hit amongst college students. Now phablets are a respected tool, and this acceptance is all thanks to the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Releases
The S6 showcased Samsung’s progress as a premium phone company.

Galaxy Smartphone #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 – Sporting a gorgeous metal unibody frame, this release raised the bar for Samsung products. Before this pivotal release, most people associated Android phones with clunky, plastic devices. The Galaxy S6 dashed this stereotype to pieces with its sophisticated display. From glass panels to metal backing, this release revolutionized Android phones. It was equipped with one of the fastest processors available, which helped the public fall in love with Samsung products.

Galaxy Releases
The Note 5 solidified the premium aspects of the Note line.

Galaxy Smartphone #1: Samsung Note 5 – Equipped with a powerful Exynos 7420 Octa processor and vibrant 5.7-inch display, this release helped define the Note series. Even to this day, the Note line is regarded as the upgraded version of the S series. The Galaxy Note 5 was the catalyst for this shift in public perception. This is easily one of the most celebrated lines that Samsung offers, and the Note 5 jumpstarted this revolution!

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