Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: See How They Compare

Between the smartphones currently available, all eyes are on the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These are the heavy hitters from both camps, since their premium features are unmatched by competitors. They both have loyal fan bases, which is both a good and a bad thing. Even though brand trust is crucial, it can cloud people’s judgement on buying choices. This can keep users from trying better options, making it impossible to see which option is ideal.

Even though fans adamantly discredit the rivals to their favorite release, these smartphones have more in common than people think. The Note 8 holds its weight against the iPhone 8 Plus, despite what Apple fans claim. To separate fact from fiction, we decided to pair up the two flagships against each other in a camera faceoff. What we discovered was shocking, since both of them produced impressive results. Prepare to be surprised by these releases, smartphones have come a long way!

Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which Is Better?

Note 8 vs iPhone
Examining these flagships was an eye opening experience.

If you want a quality smartphone camera for photos, look no further than the Note 8. We found that both the iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8 produced nearly identical photos. They were extremely high quality, which is why the other features have to be the deciding factor. For those who are focusing mostly on pictures, the Note 8 wins simply because of its design. It looks wildly more attractive than the iPhone 8 Plus, since it’s curved AMOLED screen steals the show.

Even though the Note 8 easily wins when it comes to photography, video recording is more of a toss-up. Both releases produce exceptional videos, but they each have their strongpoints. The main differences are in low light video, selfies and audio quality. We will highlight the advantages of each camera so our readers can see which is truly the best.

Filming in outdoor sunlight is the true test, since this is where most spontaneous videos are captured. While both cameras produced crisp video, the Note 8 adjusted better in the shade. As soon as the lighting got challenging the iPhone 8 Plus exaggerated highlights while the Note 8 adjusted fluidly. When it came to auto focus the Note shifted a little more roughly than the iPhone, so both phones had their victories.

The next test involved stability, since most filming is on the go. This is where the Note 8 shines, since both its rear lenses possess optical image stabilization (OIS). In contrast the iPhone 8 Plus only has OIS on the wide lens, which is noticeable while walking. The motion shots we took mid-stride appeared noticeably smoother with the Note 8, so Samsung easily won this round.

Note 8 vs iPhone
These phones are impressive, but there is one winner.

Our lasts tests were selfie video and audio recording, which is where both phones excelled. For video selfies the iPhone 8 Plus had more contrast, while the Note 8 produced a narrower field of vision. Some people don’t find that flattering, so we will give the victory to Apple on this aspect. While the iPhone may have excelled with selfies, it fell flat on its face recording audio. The playback from the Note 8 was noticeably richer than the iPhone, so Samsung won this face off.

At the end of the day, the Note 8 is the better choice by a small margin. It provides nearly identical photos as the iPhone 8 Plus, as well as a few advantages with video recording. Even though it took slightly worse selfie videos, its saving grace is its seductive design.

If you are going to shell out the cash for a premium phone, it has to look the part. Even the most die hard Apple fan has to concede that the iconic iPhone look has gone stale. The Note 8 has all the amenities and a winning design, which is why it’s a better pick. We will have to examine the iPhone X when it’s available, but for now the Note 8 holds the crown.

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