Hone Your Skills With the Best Android Apps for Musicians

No matter what instrument you play, there’s an Android app to perfect your musical talent. From tuners to beat makers, there’s no end to the options available to musicians. Ever since apps started invading every faucet of our lives, developers have been scrambling to keep up with the demand. This has led to a slew of apps being created that help with any genre imaginable. Thankfully for budding musicians, making music wasn’t neglected. Today countless apps are helping Android users become better musicians.

Even though there are plenty of apps to choose from, a few Android apps manage to stand out. These programs have consistently helped users perfect their sound through multiple tried and true methods. Instead of simply making things easier to learn, these programs go the extra mile while teaching new skills. It’s amazing the impact a little guidance can make during the learning process.

To highlight this point, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for musicians. This list of premium apps has the potential to mold a beginner into a seasoned musician. By combining these apps with plenty of practice, users get the opportunity to improve dramatically. Instead of leaving things to chance, become a better musician with these indispensable apps!

Best Android Apps for Musicians

Learning music by ear has never been easier!

App #3: Perfect Ear – Out of all the skills a musician should have, learning sounds by ear is at the top of the list. While it may seem trivial at first glance, it has a more profound impact than most people think. It greatly improves someone’s ability to learn music and dominate an instrument.

Perfect Ear incorporates multiple methods to learn this coveted skill. Upon downloading it, users get instant access to music theory articles. This is complemented with fully customizable exercises and scales. They also help teach rhythms, so no facet of learning by ear is neglected. Start trusting your instinct with this eye opening app!

Learn how to operate four different instruments!

App #2: Yousician – In a world where trainers are getting more expensive every year, this app is a godsend. Instead of focusing on one instrument, Yousician provides quality advice for a slew of tools. Users get access to piano, guitar, bass and ukulele lessons. While they play along to the songs, the app guides them through theory and finger placement.

Sporting over 1,500 different challenges, there’s no shortage of things to learn. Even though some may balk at its $9.99 per month and $119 yearly fee, it’s still cheaper than most teachers. For this reason, any beginner musician is money ahead when they download this versatile app.

Start recording your own music!

App #1: BandLab – Out of all the DAWs available on Android, none are better for recording physical musical instruments. BandLab provides a 12-track mix editor that’s features musical effects, track remixing and a metronome. Users get access to unlimited project sizes, which removes one of the biggest pitfalls of similar programs. While it has a steep learning curve, BandLab is free to download. It features everything a budding musician will need to start making music that’s built to last. This is an essential tool for recording and editing personal tracks, so start fine tuning your songs with BandLab!

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