Gear S2 Classic Platinum Reinvents Smart Watches

Gear S2 Classic Platinum
Finally a smart watch that everyone can love!

Samsung revamped the Gear S2 Classic series with the release of the Gear S2 Classic Platinum. Back in January Samsung dropped jaws at CES when they unveiled this luxurious smartwatch. The new design is replacing the previous platinum coated model with a pure platinum model. The watch’s platinum face is elegantly contrasted with a genuine leather band. Rose gold & classic black models are also part of this groundbreaking release. The new Gear S2 Platinum packs all the amenities of rival smart watches into a sexier design. On top of winning over users with its looks, the most charming part of these watches is the price.

Gear S2 Classic Platinum Opens Doors for Luxury Smart Watches

Most smart watches just aren’t attractive to people who are used to the classic design of watches. When other smart watch designs aim to appear sophisticated & new wave they end up coming off as pretentious & outright dorky. This combined with the lackluster features of most smart watches have deterred millions from hopping on board this new bandwagon. Samsung is tackling this problem head on with the release of the Gear S2 Classic Platinum. It’s a watch that looks too good to turn down.

Gear S2 Classic Platinum 2
The Gear S2 Classic Platinum is a fresh twist on luxury watch designs.

The regal air of the Gear S2 Classic Platinum is designed to win over people who are hesitant about switching over to smart watches. This brilliant design is able to simultaneously downplay its elegance & appear majestic. The case measures 39.9 millimeters, & it features a standard 20 millimeter watchband. This opens doors to unlimited ways for users to customize their smart watches. A slew of third party options are already popping up, offering exclusive accessories ranging from bright nylon straps to exotic customized leather bands.

Once you start exploring the features of the Gear S2 Classic Platinum, you realize that it’s supported by a solid base. Its gorgeous 1.2 inch circular Super AMOLED display lets you dive headfirst into a bonanza of different options. The Gear S2 Classic Platinum gives you access to 4GB of internal memory, NFC connectivity, Samsung Play, a personalized fitness tracker, Wi-Fi & a slew of innovative apps. All this is powered by a lightning quick Qualcomm processor. The 360 by 360 pixel display is all you need to get top of the line entertainment. Thanks to Samsung’s Tizen OS, you can navigate by both swiping & rotating the bezel. It’s also equipped to effortlessly connect to Android smartphones via Bluetooth 4.1 when activated with a free app.

Gear S2 Classic Platinum 3
At $450, the Gear S2 Classic Platinum is a luxury watch that’s within reach.

The true beauty of the Gear S2 Classic Platinum is that Samsung has managed to deliver a luxury item at an affordable price. With a price tag of $450, this is a quality watch that won’t put you into debt. When you compare this to other rival products, Samsung wins hands down. A stainless steel Apple Watch with a leather band will cost you at least $649, & Huawei’s gold plated smart watches are currently going for $700. This shocking price difference is sure to persuade more people to switch to Samsung.

It’s exciting to see these new developments in smart watches. Just as tablets got off to a slow start all they needed were a few advancements to make everyone want them. Now that Samsung offers the first affordable luxury smart watch many users are finally going to be seduced into buying one.

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