11 Simple How to Hacks for Samsung Galaxy S 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 How to hacks

Samsung is the choice of many consumers and when it comes to Samsung phones they work really efficient. With the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone’s they look quite really impressive.  The design is stylish giving the phones great curves as well as high performance. If you are owing one or thinking to have one for yourself then the following How To hacks will be quite beneficial to you. Here are the 8 How to hacks for Samsung Galaxy S 7.

1. How to use the MicroSD card

You wanna insert a MicroSD card into your Samsung Galaxy S7?  Take a SIM card tool and bring the SIM slot out halfway. You’ll see that the top of the SIM slot is a MicroSD card slot. Press the MicroSD card in, and slide the card back into the phone.

If you want to move downloaded apps onto the SD card, simply go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager. Tap on the app you want to move, tap Storage, and tap Change. That will let you move the app onto the SD card.

While the Galaxy S7 doesn’t support Marshmallow’s special storage mode that makes the SD card look like part of internal memory, it does support cards up to 200GB. Don’t worry for space when downloading a video. Right.

2. How to use the ‘Underwater’

Are you the one always fidgety over things and fumble often. Then you should own Samsung Galaxy S7  as it is IP68 rated, which means it is completely resistant to dust and can be continuously immersed in water deeper than one meter.

Now if you spill your tea or coffee on your S7, the best idea is to wash off your phone and then dry it with a paper towel or soft cloth. ( do not put in washing machine). When underwater your phone’s touch screen might not work underwater, but if you get it into the camera mode while it’s dry, you can use the volume keys to take pictures.

3. How to use ‘Motion Photos’

Motion photos are a new feature in the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera. To turn on motion photos, go into the camera mode and touch the settings wheel. Turn motion photos to ON mode.
When you go into the Gallery app and look at an individual photo, it will have a motion photos icon. Tap it, and you’ll see the motion. You can’t really export or use the video clip anywhere else.

Its real purpose is in case you missed the photo you intended to take. You can scrub through the motion photo, hit Capture, and get a clip of what you missed. It’ll only be 960 by 720, but worth the part you missed in taking photo.  When you share out the image, all you get is the original JPEG only.

4. How to take the Best Selfies

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has several new features to improve your selfies. In this phone the front-facing camera is brighter than it used to be so that might come of some help in low-light situations. Also the phone has a selfie flash, just hit the flash icon on the left. Then, when you take a selfie, it will light up the screen while it’s shooting the picture, which functions as a flash.

After you’ve taken your selfie, if you wish to do some editing then there are editing tools in the S7’s gallery. There are many tools to enhance or add filters to your photo. The best being the spotlight that brightens up your own face to show apart from the crowd.

5. How to customize the ‘Always-On Display’

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an always-on display that just lights up the bits it needs to show you the time and date. By default, it’ll show you the time, date, battery life and some basic notifications information.

If you go into Settings, Display, Always On Display, you can pick different content to show on the Always On Display. There are several clock styles, a clock with a calendar, or a few custom image designs. You can also  go to Themes in Settings, and download a new theme with an Always On Display option. When you apply the theme, it will have more selections for background images (you can’t use your own images as the backgrounds though) and other features for you to select.

6. How to use Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s Edge

To use the Galaxy S7’s edge, swipe in from the right. You’ll initially see the Apps Edge, which you can add your favorite apps to.

Swipe to the right for the Tasks Edge. This one has macros, like starting a text message to one of your friends. There’s a list of set macros, but you can also add shortcuts you’ve created on your home screen.

Then there is People Edge, which has five of your favorite contacts.

Another is customizable edges. You can install a news panel, a compass and a ruler, weather and if you go to the Download button, you see that there are more panels you can install from Samsung’s store. The edge panel SDK will be open to third parties, so you can see many more panels in the future.

7. How to maximize battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S6. But incase if your battery is running low, first turn down the screen brightness. Then try power saving mode. That’s under Settings, Battery, Power saving mode. That turns off most background data, which means email or apps won’t get automatically updated unless you go into the app. It saves a lot of battery.

Also there is ultra power saving mode. That turns the screen black and white, stops background data, and only lets you use the phone, Chrome, SMS, the calculator, clock, memo pad, and Samsung’s own email app, not Gmail.

8. How to use the finger print sensor

To secure the phone you should set up the fingerprint sensor, not only it keeps your phone safe but is also the easiest method of unlocking it. You can use your fingerprint for a lot more than just unlocking your phone though. It can also be used to automatically login to websites, lock down specific apps, and make payments in the store.

To use the Fingerprint Sensor Open Settings>Tap “Lock Screen and Security”>Tap “Fingerprints”>Tap “Add Fingerprints”>Follow on-screen instructions

After setting up your Fingerprint, you can turn the following options on:

  • Web sign-in
  • Verify Samsung Account
  • Use with Samsung Pay
  • Fingerprint Unlock

9. How to quick launch the camera

Many a times you may come across something and want to snap it in your phone device but the camera takes a moment to open and by the time that thing is gone. But now you can launch the camera in split second and snap a picture if you want to capture the moment.

Open Settings>Tap “Advanced Features”>Toggle “Quick launch camera” to ON>Double press Home Button to launch camera.

Now anywhere, from any screen, you can launch the camera even when your phone is locked.

10. How to organise the apps

Wish to be more organized with apps to have them on your home screen then here is the option.

Open Settings>Tap “Advanced Features”>Tap “Galaxy Labs” at the very bottom>Tap “Start”>Tap “Show all apps on home screen”>Toggle it “On” in the top right

11. How to stop F*** your phone

Samsung and Google prevent bad words from being shown when you use voice to text. It will replace your bad words with stars. Open settings>Tap “Language and input”>Tap “Google voice typing”>Toggle “Block offensive words” Off

With all such wonderful How to hack you can have a really good time with your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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