Gear Fit2 Enjoys Epic Software Update

Getting in a quality workout just got a lot easier with the Gear Fit2’s new software updates. These new tweaks to the app allow users to maximize their training with a slew of improved features. Each one gives the user more intuitive readings that showcase how they are doing. The device may be the same, but these software updates are taking its potential to a new level. By getting improved readings, users learn how to get the most out of their workouts. It’s time to sweat smarter, so let’s take a look at these innovative improvements!

Exploring Gear Fit2’s New Software Update

Gear Fit2
This device underwent an epic overhaul!

If users were already impressed with the Gear Fit2, they will be blown away by the new software update. Instead of just making existing features more current, this update adds a slew of features. The entire post-workout stats have been completely revamped, which gives users invaluable insight. They also remodeled the automatic activity detection, which helps give on demand readings. From improved pace target settings to new customization abilities, the Gear Fit2 has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Instead of a simple post-workout stat sheet, now users get to enjoy a color-coded graph. This artfully displays the time spent in multiple heart-rate zones. Each one is unique, since they are gauged by the level of exertion of the user.

Every zone provides impressive insights, so let’s explore each one. The heart rate zones are broken up into three categories: Moderate, Vigorous & Maximum. As expected, the Moderate heartrate is the first one to be activated. This is normally achieved through brisk walks that exceed 10 minutes. From there user’s move into the Vigorous heartrate zone, which is only reached through intense exercise.

As your workout progresses, you will soon reach the Maximum heartrate level. This is only reached after longer periods of intense exercise, which makes it interesting to examine. These color-coded charts offer an easy way to compare how hard your workouts really are. By measuring the efficiency of your exercises, you can pick & choose what to keep in your routine.

One of the main pains of most wearable exercise software is activation. The first version of Gear Fit2 was good, but the new update takes the automatic activity detection to a new level. Now users just have to start exercising, & the device will activate by itself in 10 minutes. This update also tracks the workout, which gives them a GPS location of where they started their workout. This is great news for joggers, but it can also be useful in other aspects of training.

On top of easier activation, Samsung also updated the customization of pace targets. All users have to do is enter their desired distance & running times via the Samsung Health app to build a detailed workout plan. It takes in many factors, including what the real goal is for the workout. From fat burning to building endurance, they will help make it a reality. This gives users a road map to reach their fitness goals, which is invaluable when first starting to exercise.

The update also made a few tweaks to the customization settings. Now there’s a clear display of workout data that encompasses everything from distance traveled to calories burned. All this is easily adjustable, since users just have to swipe across the Gear Fit2’s screen to make a change.

These were the main improvements, but there were plenty more in this software update. From inactivity nudges to sleep pattern recording, the Gear Fit2 offers everything users need to get healthy. Achieving the perfect health is hard, but at least it isn’t difficult to find the perfect app! The wild success of this product is showcasing the true potential of wearable technology. Only time will tell what other improvements Samsung will make on it. But until then there are plenty of features to keep us busy…

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