Explore the Most Credible Galaxy S10 Rumors

As 2018 comes to a close, the smartphone industry is setting its sights on the Galaxy S10. The implications of its success are huge, since Samsung has a lot invested in this highly anticipated release. Due to the sluggish nature of the smartphone market, both Samsung and Apple experienced disappointing revenue drops last year. Users are waiting longer to upgrade their phones, and fierce competition from Huawei is forcing smartphone developers to get creative. From ultrasonic fingerprint readers to 5G capabilities, companies are scrambling to develop features that will allow them to stand out.

All these factors are putting the international spotlight on the Galaxy S10. This will be the first flagship of 2019, which makes it the perfect way to gauge the direction of the industry. To make sure it meets expectations, Samsung is poised to unleash a slew of new features. While some of these innovations have been confirmed, most anticipated changes are nothing more than rumors. This growing wave of uncertainty is flooding the internet with potential leaks that are far fetched at best.

Even though users will have to wait till February 20th to get the official specs, some exciting rumors have been confirmed. On top of being groundbreaking, these features have the potential to make the Galaxy S10 Samsung’s salvation. The competition has reached epic proportions, which means the Korean tech giant needs to introduce new features to survive. To help clear the air, we compiled a list of the most credible rumors surrounding the Galaxy S10. These features are breathtaking, so prepare to be impressed by this list!

Top Galaxy S10 Rumors

Galaxy S10
In-screen fingerprint scanners are finally becoming a reality.

Rumor #1: Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader – Even though in-screen fingerprint sensors have been promised for years, they will become widespread in 2019. The OnePlus 6T already beat Samsung in the race to become the first US carrier phone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Samsung has a patent on the technology, and they used this extra time to make sure it works absolutely perfect. When operating at full capacity, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors allow phones to accurately read prints through the glass. This will be accomplished even with the presence of water and grime.

Aside from being more convenient, this invention will open doors to major improvements. From getting rid of bezels to switching fingerprint readers back to the front of phones, ultrasonic sensors are the future. This method is more accepted than face scanning, which will add a welcome layer of security to high-end smartphones. The Galaxy S10 is set to be Samsung’s first phone with this technology, and we can’t wait to see how it works!

Galaxy S10
Customers will have three S10 choices this year.

Rumor #2: A Third Release to Choose From – When shopping for a Galaxy S10, users will be greeted with three options. The Galaxy S10 model will feature similar dimensions as the Galaxy S9 with slimmer bezels and a 6.1-inch screen. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a larger 6.4 inch display, bigger battery and a better camera set-up.

While this news isn’t novel, the third potential option is. Modeled after the iPhone XR, the Galaxy S10 Lite will give users a budget-friendly option. This price cut comes at a cost, since it will only have a 5.8 inch display and less high-end features. Introducing a budget S10 is a bold move, since it’s the first time Samsung has deviated from their usual setup. It will be interesting to see if the Galaxy S10 Lite has enough tempting features to win over frugal customers.

Galaxy S10
Whether it has 3 or 4 rear cameras, the S10 will be a game changer.

Rumor #3: 3 or 4 Rear Cameras – Now that dual rear cameras are standard, smartphone developers are scrambling to up the ante. Samsung has already announced the Galaxy A9, which boasts 4 rear cameras. Even though it is only available in Asian markets, this development is huge. The Galaxy A9 will give Samsung some experience to polish the quad rear camera setup. If they get it fine-tuned in time, the Galaxy S10 Plus will boast 4 rear cameras.

These will be complimented by two front facing cameras, so there’s potential for up to 6 cameras. These extra cameras would allow the S10 to pick up a shocking amount of detail. It would be a huge point in the S10’s favor, so hopefully this innovative feature makes the cut. Even if they don’t make the deadline, the Galaxy S10 will undoubtedly have at least three rear cameras. This will still be a big step for a company who pioneered the dual camera setup.

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