Meet the Most Anticipated Video Games

As the video game industry continues to flourish, the anticipation surrounding certain games is hitting new heights in 2019. Nowhere is this more evident than Australia, where gamers spent a staggering $3.23 billion on games & software in 2017. While $1.176 billion of this impressive total went towards physical retail sales, digital sales stole the show with $2.054 billion. This was a 9% jump from last year, and 2019’s gaming revenue is poised to be even more lucrative. Home console sales in Australia rose 36% in 2017, and digital game downloads enjoyed a 17% increase.

Fueled by a thriving global market, video game developers are working furiously to keep up with demand. Every year thousands of games are released that boast graphics and storylines that make previous debuts look simple. This steady flow of higher quality releases makes keeping up with the latest games a daunting task for gamers. While most new games are better than their predecessors, only a few of them manage to exceed expectations. This year will be no different, since the internet is already awash with rumors about what 2019 will bring.

To showcase how fast the industry is evolving, we compiled a list of the most anticipated video games in 2019. Boasting budgets that rival some movies, these releases are ready to take the industry by storm. From seamless graphics to innovative concepts, each release has characteristics that showcase different levels of innovation. Prepare to get excited about what’s coming up, since these games are going to blow away the competition!

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019

Anticipated Video Games
Take on the repercussions of an all-out civil war.

Video Game #3: Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 – This highly acclaimed video game series is set to take the industry by storm. While the first Division release from Ubisoft had its issues, they were quickly fixed and it became a classic multiplayer shooter game. This time around Ubisoft has had plenty of time to improve, and by the quality of the trailer this game won’t disappoint. Set in Washington DC, players get to join Division agents that are caught in a modern American civil war. From looters to mercenaries, the battle is being brought to the capital of the United States.

All this is going to be complimented by player-versus-player Dark Zones and free expansions, which makes it an exciting release. From the graphics to the game play, Ubisoft appears to be going the extra-mile. While there’s no shortage of rumors, players are going to have to wait until March 15th to see if it truly lives up the hype.

Anticipated Video Games
Dive back into this timeless classic!

Video Game #2: Resident Evil 2 – The sheer popularity of the original release makes this current-generation remake one of the boldest projects of 2019. After captivating the world on PS1, this game is coming back with a vengeance. On January 25th, users will be able to join characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield on their next adventure in Raccoon City.

Now that the game isn’t limited to the first Playstation’s outdated hardware, new doors have been opened. The game now sports pristine graphics, over-the-shoulder camera angles and even tougher enemies. All these features promise to make this one of the most terrifying releases of 2019. The Resident Evil franchise has an immense fan base, so this game has to be epic to live up to expectations.

Anticipated Video Games
This game will make or break BioWare.

Video Game #1: Anthem – The reception of this game has the potential to reshape BioWare. Despite producing plenty of quality releases, their last game Mass Effect: Andromeda was a flop. After being roasted by players and critics alike, BioWare decided to go back to the basics. They pledged to make Anthem the game of the year, and players are holding them to this promise.

On top of holding the future of the company in its hands, Anthem has plenty of potential. Players get to use Freelancers to battle both monsters and Shaper Storms in an epic Destiny-like setting. If The Division and Destiny 2 can rebound from their own unique problems, there’s still hope for this release. For this reason, the industry is immersed in suspense as players wait to see if BioWare is successful on their road to redemption.

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