Biggest Questions About Bixby Answered

Out of all the features of the Galaxy S8, everyone wants to get to know Bixby. This is because this intelligent interface is bursting at the seams with intriguing features. It boasts advanced learning capabilities, deep integration, & enhanced contextual awareness. All these features make it a virtual assistant that’s in a league of its own. For most users this program’s true potential remains untapped, since they still have questions before they start using it.

Like many new programs, many people don’t understand the depth of its capabilities. Everyone heard that it gets smarter as you use it, which means it may be a bit clunky when first trying it. But that still hasn’t stopped some from persevering, & they swear that the brief training phase is worth it. Luckily it learns fast, quickly adapting to individual user voices & dialects. Before long the client has one of the most innovative smartphone assistants at their disposal.

Once primed, Bixby is a godsend when you need it. Unfortunately, many people fail to unlock its true potential. To help their users get the most out of this innovative program, Samsung decided to clear the air. They answered some of the biggest questions users had, which is good since this program remains shrouded in secrecy. To help struggling users, we decided to pass on the most important answers in this article. Prepare to get an intimate look at Bixby, it will soon be your most treasured sidekick!

Biggest Questions About Bixby Answered

Unlock the full potential of this interactive virtual assistant.

Question #1: How do you make Bixby improve?

When using Bixby, think of it like you are training a personal assistant. The plus side with this program is unlike many humans, it learns at an incredibly quick rate. It features iterative deep learning technology, which gives it an edge on the learning curb. If you are ever unsatisfied with its response, you can select the “Teach me” option.

This opens up a list of responses to similar commands. Once you choose the most appropriate one, Bixby will remember exactly what you wanted earlier. This helps streamline the process & improve communication with the app. As you continue using it, Bixby quickly becomes more responsive to your commands.

Question #2: Can I use Bixby in busy areas?

Even though the program works best in quiet areas, it is fully capable of working in crowds. This is thanks to Bixby’s deep learning technology, which allows it to distinguish voice commands from ambient noise. This means you can use it while listening to music, since it carefully analyzes sound frequencies. Even if you are in extremely loud environments like concerts, there’s still hope. Users can activate Bixby Voice by pressing the play/pause button on Samsung’s earphones. Simply talk into the built-in microphone, & Bixby will continue to serve you.

Question #3: What Languages Does Bixby Understand?

Since this program was originally launched in Korea & America, the main languages are Korean & English. They can be switched in the language settings, & almost every imaginable dialect within those languages is understood. Even if you want to use an alternative language, there’s still a viable option. Since Bixby harnesses the power of Google’s translation database, it’s capable of recognizing over 40 languages & 104 different dialects. These languages can also be scanned, so you never have to wonder what’s going on.

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