GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App from GSN Games was launched last year in 2015. Within a short span of time this app has become quite popular among players with 1000000-5000000 of installs from Google Play. You can play variety of pokies, bingo and video poker games along with other casino games. When you will land on the casino app and start your game play you will be led through GSN Grand Casino by Heather, a VIP concierge who will  give  you free chips to play and introduce you to the game’s various elements.

Features of GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino Features are also Grand to experience

  • You will get a free bonus of 10,000 Chips.
  • You can collect free chips each day when you play just by spinning the Daily Bonus Wheel.
  • Also explore 3 entertaining and luxurious casino rooms throughout the casino.
  • You can travel through 50 levels and collect tons of free Chips.
  • You can roll the dice, stack your cards and play to win Big with games like American Buffalo pokies
  • You get full access to top Vegas casino games like poker, bingo, pokies and more.
  • Also have tons of great new games, including a deluxe High Rollers Room where you can bet big and win even more

Games you can play with GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App

There are many variety of games to enjoy at GSN Grand Casino . As you enter the casino you will find the choice to unlock the full suite of exciting casino games: Deal or No Deal pokies, Wheel of Fortune Pokies, Outlaw Video Poker, Diamond Royale, Video Bingo, Mondo Bingo, American Buffalo Pokies, Classic Video Poker, and Deuces Wild

Deal or No Deal games will allow you to play through the complete game show to determine your bonus chip multiplier. There are two Wheel of Fortune games unlocked to start, with additional machines becoming available as you level up in the overall game.

You need to reach level three before unlocking video bingo, while the first card game, video poker, unlocks at level eight. Additional games in both categories are unlocked over time, with even more games are added from time to time.

Bonuses in GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App

At the start of the game you are given free bonus of 10, 000 chips. As you move forward with the game you will find that you are collecting free chips by spinning the Daily Bonus Wheel.

The more you play you reach levels and high you go so do the bonuses  also start to increase. You can keep on adding free chips by playing and unlocking new games. Same goes for the win. The pokies games are all loaded with bonus offers, free spins, wild symbols and great jackpots to add value to your credit at the casino. Not only this the app rewards lots of freebies, awards and other prizes. Yes you are offered the bottle of champagne as you play to make you feel of the grand MGM casino feel of Las Vegas.

Also you will love the stunning dazzling casino rich in animation and realistic sound effects. For high roller players you are offered VIP treatment and VIP Bonuses with generous comps and free chips

How to play with GSN Grand Casino App

GSN Grand Casino App

It is very easy and convenient to play with GSN Grand Casino App. You can go to Google Play Store and download the app on your Samsung Android or any other Android 4.0.3 and up. If you are on iOS device then you can have this app from iTunes Store.  Once you download this app you will at once get free bonus in the form of virtual chips that is 10,000  to play huge pokies games.

In case you need more credits in the form of chips there are in app purchases which come in various packs. Like Stack of Chips can cost $2.99 and set of 3 extra bingo balls can come up with $1.49

Do remember that all the games played in this app are for fun and entertainment. They do not involve real money play or any real money wins or prizes.


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