Best MMA Apps for Android

Now that mixed martial arts (MMA) has become a worldwide phenomenon, it has transcended out of the ring into apps. Even though similar mixed fighting style events have been hosted throughout history, the sport changed drastically at the end of the 20th century. During the first UFC event in 1993, fighters from various martial arts were able to face off in a no-holds-barred environment. Over the years fighters started adopting the most advantageous techniques from different martial arts, and MMA as we know it was born.

By blending the best fighting strategies of dozens of martial art styles, MMA revolutionized modern fighting. This diverse array of fighting strategies proved that there’s no one size all approach to dominating hand to hand combat. Grappling is equally as important as stricking, and this realization paved the way for a new era of fight training. As the UFC continues to gain international popularity, MMA training is spreading throughout the world. Hundreds of MMA gyms are scattered throughout every major country, which brings this unique blend of martial arts to the masses.

Even though MMA training has never been more accessible, it can’t compete with the effectiveness of apps. Thanks to a new wave of MMA-based mobile programs, going to an MMA training center isn’t necessary. All the tips and exercises are at our fingertips, which allows anyone to train from their home. To showcase the impact of this new generation of training, we compiled a list of the best MMA apps for Android users. Getting into MMA is only a few downloads away, so examine this list and start revolutionizing your workout routine!

Top Android MMA Apps

MMA Apps
Get access to a slew of fight oriented workouts.

App #3: MMA Spartan System Gym Workouts & Exercises – When it comes to fitness apps, few programs offer such a wide selection of innovative features for free. What sets MMA Spartan apart from the rest is the sheer diversity of its focuses. Users get access to over 100 intense workout exercises that are explained with detailed animations. This rigorous training regimen is complimented by training and nutrition plans that can be adjusted to better reach your goals. The app can be integrated with Google Fit, which helps users log their workout schedule.

On top of having all the features necessary to get shredded, this app adds a much needed touch of competition. The various levels of their achievement system are rewarded with Spartan Badges that can be shared on social media. Users can also challenge their friends to meet the same standards, which creates some friendly competition. MMA Spartan boasts regular updates, so download it now and embark on your fitness transformation!

MMA Apps
Unlimited UFC news is only one tap away…

App #2: UFC – Even though training can’t be ignored, staying on top of the fights is just as crucial for any diehard MMA fan. For this reason, the UFC condensed their website into one program that’s versatile enough to make its way onto any mobile device. Users get to browse cards for upcoming fights, check broadcasting times, buy tickets as well as view fight clips and conferences. This app has over 5 million installs, so get the inside scoop of what’s going on at the world’s largest MMA league!

MMA Training
This app provides detailed guidance on dozens of MMA moves.

App #1: Fighting Trainer – To get inside the mindset of a fighter, all users have to do is download this app. By partnering up with nothing but professional fighters, Fighting Trainer provides the best of both worlds. They offer over 90 MMA punches, kicks, blocks, takedowns and combinations that are explained in realistic 3D animations. There’s also a slow motion option, which allows users to pick up on all the details. Every move can be accessed offline, which allows users to practice anywhere. Over a million Android users are honing their skills with this app, so turn your home into a personal MMA training center!

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