5 Christmas Apps Every Android User Should Have

Christmas is approaching fast, so it’s time to get in the spirit with some festive apps. Even though the holidays are marketed as a joyous time, the reality couldn’t be more different. It’s no secret that the holidays are stressful for most people. The costs of pleasing everyone during the holidays can be staggering. Juggling family trips & Christmas shopping can push even the calmest person over the edge.

Fortunately, as Samsung users we have a slew of cool apps at our disposal. Every year the number of apps grows exponentially, & Christmas apps are no exception. There are plenty of Christmas apps that are so charming that you can’t help but be won over. It’s time to embrace the holidays, so let the apps help you transition. We have compiled a list of the best Android Christmas apps to liven up your December. Enjoy & prepare to get ready for the holidays!

Top 5 Christmas Apps For Android Owners

Christmas Apps
Have some fun with Santa!

Christmas App #1: Talking Santa – Outfit7 managed to give the Talking Tom app a burst of Christmas flavor. Instead of a talking cat, you can now control Santa’s every move. All you have to do is talk & tap to make Saint Nick be as ridiculous as necessary. He will repeat every word you say, so make sure to have fun with it. On top of making hilarious banter, you can also create epic animations. These make perfect electronic Christmas cards that can be sent through Facebook, MMS & email. Make someone’s day by sending them a crazy Santa animation!

Christmas Apps
Hunt down Santa with your kids!

Christmas App #2: NORAD Tracks Santa – Nothing’s more magical than believing that Santa is just around the corner. For most kids, tracking Saint Nick is the ultimate dream come true. On top of “tracking” Santa’s escapades across the globe, NORAD offers a slew of educational options. It provides a detailed background of Santa & a list of ways people celebrate Christmas around the globe. These options provide an in depth look on Christmas’ impact on the world. Drive your kids wild with this interesting app!

Christmas Apps
Take down the bubbles to beat your high score!

Christmas App #3: Bubble Shooter: Christmas Day – The holidays are filled with lots of downtime. Waiting for flights & unpunctual family members can be a hassle, so turn it into a treat with this game! Bubble Shooter gives you a powerful cannon, & it’s your job to erase the neon bubbles off the screen. Target different color groups to clear the screen in record time. This is the perfect way to kill time during the Christmas season!

Christmas Apps
Stay organized this holiday season.

Christmas App #4: Christmas Gift List – Santa has a list, so don’t miss out on the action. This program makes last minute shopping a breeze by keeping you organized. It lets you easily add gifts into categories while you hunt them down for your loved ones. It also tracks your spending so you don’t exceed your budget. Stay on track of your Christmas shopping this year!

Christmas Apps
Put your mind to the test.

Christmas App #5: Christmas Riddles – Stay sharp during the holidays with this set of brain teasers. Christmas Riddles provides you with a slew of mental problems to solve. They all revolve around Christmas, so it’s the perfect icebreaker for family gatherings. Sit down the family & test their mental prowess with this app!

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