Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots app is an awesome app from Zynga. Zynga has another feather in the cap with the launch of its new app called the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Sots and thus Zynga slots games grew up by 78% over the last year that is 2015.

Willy Wonka Slots  has a good rating of 4.5 in Google Play store with more than a billion downloads  of this app. This app features a wonderful iconic cast and character and you can join Charlie there and visit the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that takes the tour of the most eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all.

Willy Wonka slots app can be played with Samsung or any other Android mobile of 4.0 and up. Also you can play around the world on iOS devices, on social websites like Facebook too.

Features of Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka has some great features

  • You will find Vegas style casino games that have characters of fun and adventure
  • You will follow your favourite characters as they go on tour to the fantasy land of factories filled with delicious surprises and candies
  • As you play so will you unlock new levels of games
  • You will find surprise in each new level as it is different spot to venture on famous factory with thrilling sound and animation as from a movie clip
  • There are free spins, jackpots and a huge variety of big wins to have in this app
  • Also find Wonka Wins and Wonkavator Wins and dozens of bonuses and ways to win big that too all free.
  • You can collect millions of free credits every day
    You can play the game online or offline and have your adventure sync across all devices with Facebook Connect.

Bonuses in Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots App is loaded with many bonus offers. As you play and reach the high levels so does the bonuses work and increase. You will find daily bonuses, streak bonuses, VIP bonuses. Also there are delectable free spins within the games, Huge Jackpots to win and other wins like Wonka Wins and Wonkavator Wins that too have lots of bonuses to grab. Also there are other prizes and rewards like free credits in the form of coins.

There are new inventing rooms to explore and Gobstopper Wilds that turn your entire reel that you spin into wilds whether you play normal or with free spins. These all let you pick credit prizes and the Win All icon for some great wins.

How to play with Willy Wonka Slots App

Willy Wonka Slots App

Playing with Willy Wonka Slots App is very easy. All you need is to go to Google play store and download this app all free. If you are having iOS device then better to have this app free from iTunes.  Also this app is available at Facebook to play and at Amazon Store. One thing to remember is that this app does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. You can only play for fun and entertainment. In case you need more credits to play you can have it from in app purchases which come with different cost size ranging from $1.49 to $159.99.

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