Meet the Most Influential Mobile Games Ever Created

Out of all the mobile games released in the last decade, a few have stolen the show. These games didn’t just take over users’ smartphones, they morphed into full fledged franchises. From TV shows to blockbuster movies, no branch of entertainment has remained unaffected by smartphone games. They managed to win over the masses and evolve into brands that were heavily marketed. On top of generating insane amounts of revenue, these games paved the way for more groundbreaking releases.

While there’s no arguing that these games are pioneers, the scope of their success is routinely overlooked. Everyone may have heard of them, but few know how influential they truly were. This is a tragedy, since investigating these releases is essential to see where the industry is going. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most influential mobile games ever made. They captivated millions of players during their heyday, but their legacy is far from over. Get reacquainted with the releases that transformed smartphone gaming!

Most Influential Mobile Games of All-Time

Mobile Games
Avoiding obstacles was never this entertaining!

Mobile Game #3: Canabalt – Even though many players will struggle to remember this release, it inspired countless games that everyone loves. Instead of sticking to normal smartphone gaming formulas, this release created a whole new genre. By allowing users to jump over obstacles by tapping the screen, mobile endless runner games were born. Millions of players around the world started furiously dodging obstacles by tapping on their phones.

Everyone was blown away by this innovative combination, so developers jumped headfirst into this new genre. Within a year, a slew of new releases adapted the auto-running character model. Even Super Mario Run copied this game, which makes ignoring it impossible for any respectable punter. This game’s impact is still felt today, so try it out to reminisce on how far smartphone gaming has advanced.

Mobile Games
Graphics like these were never seen before on a smartphone!

Mobile Game #2: Infinity Blade – Up until 2010, the notion of enjoying console-quality games on a smartphone seemed preposterous. Users were only able to indulge in grainy 3D games before Unreal Engine decided to cross over. They took the same winning formula that brought their console games alive and transitioned it into mobile gaming. This led to the creation of Infinity Blade, the first high quality smartphone action game of all time. The vividness of the graphics was so impressive that going back to normal gaming was out of the question. From this game on, users demanded that games sport better graphics. It helped push developers to create a new level of mobile games that are dominating the app stores today!

Mobile Games
This game transitioned into an international icon!

Mobile Game #1: Angry Birds – Out of all the smartphone franchises, none are more successful than Angry Birds. On top of being on of the most beloved games in the Google and App store, it transitioned into Hollywood. The Angry Birds movie was wildly successful and fueled more interest for the franchise. It’s hard to find a better marketed mobile game, since their merchandise can be found around the world. There’s no denying this franchise’s success, and their games are still wildly fun to play!

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