Keep Young Kids Sharp With Educational Games

Now that most toddlers are toting Samsung tablets, parents are scrambling to find educational games. Keeping kids entertained is getting harder, since children are exposed to a shocking amount of stimulation at an early age. Times are changing, and the line between education and entertainment is routinely blurred. While most youngsters waste their time with pointless programs, a few games actually help with mental development. From teaching the ABC’s to educating kids about animals, there are many ways games can help kids grow up.

In the last few years, game developers have gone the extra mile for parents. The market for games aimed at educating children is exploding, since parents are demanding healthier forms of entertainment. Thanks to this resounding interest, developers are steadily becoming more educational. Instead of focusing purely on play time, they have found the balance between teaching and recreation. Now parents have plenty of options when picking educational games for their children.

Despite having countless options at our finger tips, picking the best games for our kids is a daunting task. There are literally too many options to choose from, which makes finding the most effective games difficult. To provide parents with games that are just as entertaining as they are educational, we compiled this list. It covers the most revered games for developing children, which is a crucial time for them to learn. Quit letting your kid waste their time by adding these mentally stimulating games to their arsenal!

Best Educational Games for Young Children

Educational Games
Kids can learn words and the alphabet with this game.

Educational Game #3: Endless Alphabet – Even though it doesn’t get more basic than the ABC’s, there are fun ways to learn them. Endless Alphabet lets kids get creative arranging a series of colored letters. Once the child has dominated the ABC’s, they can learn words letter by letter. Each word is complimented by drawn pictures so the image of the word is embedded in the kid’s mind.

The best part about this game is there’s no rush when it comes to learning. Free from high scores and competition, each child is pitted against their own mind. This allows them to learn how to read and write at their own pace. There’s still plenty of motivation to succeed, which is why this game is indispensable for exasperated parents.

Educational Games
Drawing has never been this easy!

Educational Game #2: Dino Dots Connect for Kids – A passion for art is a great virtue to instill as early as possible. With this game, kids get access to over 140 puzzles that bring their favorite dinosaurs to life. The game is separated into three different difficulty levels, so users can access more advanced material as they improve. By connecting the dots regularly, children are introduced to what they can achieve. Each puzzle was created by real artists, so they get more breathtaking as you advance!

Educational Games
Enlist the help of Elmo and the gang!

Educational Game #1: Achieve it with Sesame Street – For those who love this classic show, this game can’t be missed. Achieve it with Sesame Street is packed with practical life advice that’s backed up by familiar characters. As kids advance through the levels, they learn how to be patient and make correct choices in daily life. By discovering these responsibilities, your child will have the building blocks to develop a productive life.

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