Why the 2017 Gear 360 is Reviving VR Recording

Just when photographers were about to give up on VR recording, the Gear 360 came back with a vengeance. It’s still the same concept, but it has undergone a stunning transformation. Now it features a slew of upgrades that promise to make it an even bigger hit. From a new design to a fresh approach to recording, this model fixed any complaints about the first release. Last year’s debut may have been epic, but the 2017 Gear 360 is taking things to a whole new level.

Ever since Samsung unveiled the new model in March, critics have been scrambling to get their hands on one. This debut was so memorable that it stole the show at the Galaxy S8 launch event in New York city. Now that everyone knows what’s coming, the suspense has finally been broken. To give our readers an intimate preview, we took the new version of the Gear 360 on a test drive. Enjoy the fruits of our labor, we were able to create the most in-depth review online!

Exploring the 2017 Gear 360

2017 Gear 360
There’s no comparing this to last year’s design!

Once the 2017 Gear 360 is taken out the box, it’s obvious that it has undergone a dramatic transformation. While the 2016 version looks like a giant robotic eye, the 2017 edition looks like a cute Pixar character. Samsung decided to reinvent the design, & we couldn’t be happier.

Instead of boasting a bulky body with an awkward tripod, this new version is sleek & more compact. Users no longer have to balance the stand, since this version is always ready to go. It’s cylindrical tapered body allows for it to be easily held up & stay in place. The record button is also easier to reach, so filming just got streamlined.

Another huge change is seen in the recording process. Samsung realized that more megapixels doesn’t translate to better video quality. In fact, last year’s version ate up battery life at alarming rates. To mitigate this problem, Samsung decreased the distance between the camera’s two sensors. This allows the video to be stitched easier & saves memory space. While the 2016 Gear 360 boasted 30 MP, this year’s version gets the job done with 15 MP. This is a staggering feat that allows us to forgive Samsung for giving us a non-removable battery.

2017 Gear 360
This new design is impossible not to fall in love with!

On top of revamping the design, Samsung is also striving to make the 2017 Gear 360 compatible with more devices. It was already compatible with their newest phones, but now they are reaching out to Apple users. Now they have an app that allows iOS users to connect to their smartphones. It’s still a work in progress, since the app only has a 2/5 rating in the App Store. This is due to the numerous crashes Apple users experience. The app is still new, so it will undoubtedly get fine-tuned over time.

Once again, the Gear 360’s interface has been made to be manipulated by your smartphone. This year’s model boasts a wide variety of editing tools that allows users to change a slew of features. From tones to decorations, there’s plenty of ways to spruce up any recording.

At the end of the day, Samsung did a spectacular job with the 2017 Gear 360. They provided a friendlier design that records better video while using less mega-pixels. Even though iOS users will have to wait, it’s refreshing to see Samsung attempt to include them on this release. As the Gear 360 continues to set the standard, the future looks bright for VR recording!

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