Why Smart Fridges Will Revolutionize Your Kitchen

We never thought our smartphones would ever connect with our fridges, but Samsung has made it a reality. The tech giant just unveiled the world’s first ever smart fridge, and the internet is buzzing with rumors. To separate fact from fiction we will cover all the available specs featured by this groundbreaking machine. All the commotion is about how the traditional fridge has evolved from a simple cooling machine into an app driven powerhouse. Keeping your food cold is far from the focus of this new line of refrigerators. Now you can team up with your fridge to order groceries, plan meals & more.

Smart Fridges Are Reinventing Helpful Appliances

Smart Fridge 3
Refrigerators will never be the same after the Family Hub.

Samsung stole the show once again when they announced that their Family Hub smart refrigerator is now on sale. Many thought that this smart fridge was just a rumor being promoted by techie banter, until it was unexpectedly dumped in our laps. This innovative fridge is now on sale at Lowe’s & Home Depot, & we couldn’t be happier.

The Family Hub smart fridge aims to revolutionize the way we think about our favorite appliances. Gone are the days of simplicity, now we have a plethora of exciting new options. The Family Hub is fully connected to the internet which allows it to share photos, stream music, check your calendar & order groceries. All these options are at your command through the fridge’s 21.1 inch high definition LCD or your smartphone.

To help you control this new fleet of options the Family Hub is connected with the top apps available. The fridge is fully integrated with Pandora, Instacart, Sticki, Tune In & AllRecipes. So you have a whole new world at your disposal. You can mirror your Samsung smart TV to your fridge, & its innovative LCD options allow you to make a whiteboard or get a weather forecast.

Smart Fridge 2
Make grocery shopping a breeze with this remarkable union!

Another innovative feature is the deep connection between Family Hub & your smartphone. Family Hub is equipped with three cameras that take snapshots of your inventory that are uploaded to your phone. This allows you to check what items you are running low on while shopping at the store. Better yet, you can skip going to the store all together & buy your groceries at the tap of the button from your fridge’s LCD screen. Samsung teamed up with Mastercard’s new Groceries app to make this option. It’s already installed on the smart fridge, so you can start shopping immediately.

As the story usually is with new products, Family Hub’s only hitch is its price. To get your hands on one of these you are going to have to pay at least $5,600. That’s only for the standard model with a stainless steel finish. If you want counter depth you are going to have to pay a flat $6,000 for an all black stainless steel model. That’s a hefty price, but there are still people willing to pay it.

This new foray into smart fridges was fueled by Samsung’s tireless research. In their studies Samsung found that on average people open their refrigerators 40 times a day. This gave way to the realization that people don’t just retrieve food from their fridge. They use it as a meal planner, grocery list & easy place to leave notes. That’s why Samsung artfully combined all these elements into the Family Hub. Samsung is continuously searching for the next big thing, & they may have found it with smart fridges. Only time will tell whether consumers are ready to own refrigerators that are connected with every aspect of their lives. Until now the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so the future looks bright for smart fridges.

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