3 Travel Apps Everyone Needs

As the number of Aussies embarking on international flights continues to grow, so are the amount of potential travel apps. This trend isn’t surprising, since Australians are traveling at record rates. Even though Aussies are renown for exploring, in the last decade this stereotype has been cemented into the culture. What was once a wild proposition amongst college students has evolved into a pivotal part of our society. In 2018 alone, 11.1 million Australians embarked on short term international trips. While 4.1 million of these flights were for visiting relatives and business, over 57% of these escapes were for vacation.

These latest figures double the 5.143 million international vacations that were taken in 2008, and showcases how quickly this market is evolving. Australia’s enchantment with adventure isn’t just a sign of the times, it translates to big business. The average adult down under spends $4,750 each year on an overseas trip. This equates to 7.6% of the average annual income, and breaks down to spending about $200 every day of their vacation. Despite this healthy allocation for traveling, every year Australians overspend $900 million when traveling internationally. This is a major oversight, and plenty of apps are stepping in to mitigate the damage.

Instead of leaving things to chance, every year more Australians are streamlining their trips with a wide range of travel apps. These mobile programs address everything from flight prices to transit. Wanderlust is far from a phenomenon that’s limited to Australia, so developers from around the world are cashing in on this bonanza. The floodgates have been opened to travel apps, which is both a blessing and a curse. Now that the options are limitless, finding the best travel apps can be a daunting proposition. To guide our readers past the gimmicks, we compiled a list of the best travel apps. On top of making things easier, these programs save you money. Take the guesswork out of travel with these indispensable apps!

Best Android Travel Apps

travel apps
Curb your budget by knowing what you are spending.

App #3: XE Currency Converter & Money Transfers

Overspending is a major problem for tourists, since it can drastically alter the course of their trip. Avoid this pitfall by adding a professional touch to your international budget calculation. Ever since it launched in 2009, XE Currency Converter has taken the mystery out of exchanging your native currency. They instantly convert any amount at zero costs. They also offer ten year charts, international transfer options and plenty of insights. All these features are completely free, so quit overspending on your next trip!

Google Translate
Never get lost again!

App #2: Google Translate

The further you travel from home, the more obvious the language gap becomes. Fortunately, Google has been scrambling for ways to unite its users for years. Thanks to their global fanbase, this company has done an impressive job at unifying languages. From taking pictures of menus to translating entire conversations, this app keeps adding useful features. Users can translate over 103 languages simply by typing, and 59 languages can be translated without internet. Over 37 languages can be converted through photos while handwriting can be deciphered in 93 languages.

Out of all their features, the conversation mode is a godsend. Google translate can handle instant two way speech translation for 37 languages. This allows users to speak into their phone and have Google announce what they just said in dozens of languages. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Russia or China, the implications of this program are massive. There’s no excuse to ever be lost with these options, so utilize Google’s cornucopia of global information on your next trip!

Travel apps
Save big on flights & hotels.

App #1: Hopper

When it comes to booking flights and hotels, no app goes the extra mile like Hopper. Through their extensive algorithms, this program can predict flight prices with a 95% accuracy up to a year in advance. This allows users to purchase flights at the most advantageous time when the prices are at their lowest. Utilizing these features has helped over 30 million people save $1.8 billion. Hopper covers all of the biggest airlines in the world, so there’s nowhere in the world that you can’t travel to on a budget. They are also branching out into hotels, so start saving on two of the biggest costs most travelers face!

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