Things to know about Mixer Streaming Services

With the popular game streamer Ninja leaving Twitch and joining Mixer on August 2019, it became news. This generated a lot of curiosity and interest in the service of mixer for the first time although the service isn’t new.

Let’s find out what Mixer is all about and what to know about this streaming services!

What is a Mixer?

What is a Mixer
What is a Mixer

It is a game streaming service just like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Being a gamer can stream your play to the service while others can log in and watch from their devices. There are various features of Mixer including three concurrent streams, many ways to support streamers monetarily, and customized emoji and GIFs similar to Twitch. You need to log into the official website or the iOS or Android app, find the streamer you like, and watch the stream.

Earlier named as Beam in January of 2016, it became Mixer in 2017. The Season 2 updates in November of 2018, proved to be a massive service by adding modern features and monetary support. Later the inclusion of Ninja doubled the app downloads in just a week.

How to Use a Mixer?

How to Use a Mixer
How to Use a Mixer

The Mixer works similar to that of Twitch or YouTube. You download the app or head to the official website and create an account. You can follow your favorite streamers, start your stream, or engage with the platform.

A stream appears similar to Twitch. If you are using desktop, it will appear on the right side while the video remains in the middle. You can watch the stream and chat in portrait mode simultaneously. This app also has Chromecast support if you wish to watch it on TV.

How to Stream with Mixer?

How to Stream with Mixer
How to Stream with Mixer

Streaming on Mixer is quite easy. You need to download the Mixer Create App from Google Play and the Apple App Store. This app supports both live streaming gameplay and it uses the front-facing camera to capture and display your face if you want it to. You just have to download the app and follow the in-app instructions to get started.

For desktop streaming, you have to follow the same instruction as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Popular stream tools like XSplit and OBS Broadcaster have native support for Mixer out of the box. Use these, if you plan on playing PC games.

Streaming on the console is also quite simple. The Xbox version is directly integrated with the system OS for you to broadcast with a few simple button presses. For other consoles, you require a capture card or something like PlayStation 4’s Remote Play app.

The Mixer is much smaller than Twitch or YouTube Gaming. However, with Ninja, you may find an increase in the number of users and Mixer is the third big game streaming service. Ninja’s Lollapalooza Mixer stream already has 30,000 viewers.


Now, as you know everything about Mixter, it’s time to get started with the platform.

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