Take On Nature With the Galaxy S7 Active

S7 Active
Start your next adventure with the Galaxy S7 Active!

For those who are living life on the go, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active was made for you. Samsung went to great lengths to create the perfect smartphone for people who are living on the edge. It’s unbreakable screen & larger battery life are sure to be a hit with die hard Galaxy fans. The improved specs offer a marvelous alternative for people who want a high end phone that can survive any curveball that life throws at you.

Confront the Elements With the Galaxy S7 Active

S7 Active 3
Nothing can stop this beefed up smartphone!

The Galaxy S7 Active was created for people who are living active lifestyles. Samsung equipped the S7 Active with an extra layer of protection that gives it a completely shatter resistant touch screen. This phone can withstand falls up to 5 ft with no problem. It also has a military grade body that essentially acts as a protective case wrapped around it. While this case isn’t very attractive, it pretty much makes your phone indestructible. The S7 also features the same water & dust resistant features of the original Galaxy S7, so you know your smartphone can withstand a quick swim or dust storms in Egypt.

Another interesting feature of the Galaxy S7 Active is the appropriately named Active Key. This interesting button is located on the top left hand side of the phone & aims to create a quick shortcut to all your favorite apps. By default when you press it once it opens up the Activity Zone fitness hub, while a long press will launch the DirectTV app. A double press brings up Samsung’s Emergency Zone app that helps you alert the proper authorities in case of an emergency. Luckily, this button can be re-programmed if these apps don’t catch your fancy. In the end the Active Button is a fun way to quickly access your favorite apps.

Hands down the most exciting feature of the Galaxy S7 is the upgraded battery. Clocking in at a whopping 4,000mAh, this is the largest battery that Samsung has ever put inside a smartphone. It’s 1,000mAh larger than the original S7 batter & 400mAh bigger than the S7 Edge. All this extra power allows you to go well over a day with normal usage. If you want to push it to the limit you can loop a HD video for 21 hours & 30 minutes straight without charging. This is a huge plus for people who want to go hiking with their favorite tunes.

S7 Active 2
While the military body isn’t sexy, it does wonders for your phone’s protection.

The only complaint we could muster is that Samsung had to sacrifice beauty for durability. While the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge both turn heads with their gorgeous metal & glass designs, the S7 Active is far less attractive. The aesthetics of the S7 leave a lot to be desired for such an expensive phone. The military body is great for protecting the phone from both danger & looking good. However, if you can go without the elegance of the original Galaxy S7 you are good to go.

Overall Samsung did an excellent job with the Galaxy S7 Active. They successfully gave hikers & explorers a loyal companion for their journeys. Its shatter resistant screen & larger than life battery will undoubtedly seduce even the most hesitant buyers. Even though the aesthetics aren’t the best, you still have the peace of mind that this expensive smartphone will never break. All in all, this is the perfect smartphone to accompany you on your next adventure!

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