Samsung Game Live App to live stream games to Facebook. Twitch and You Tube

Game Live App

Samsung has a new app for its Android smartphones called Game Live, which lets users live stream games to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. Currently the app is not officially out but the leaked APK is now available for download from the source link given below

Samsung Game Live allows you to live stream your mobile games directly from your Android-powered smartphones and tablets. You can also stream those games to multiple social networks like Facebook, twitch and YouTube.

So if you are Samsung pokies fan or just love to play any kind of game you can use it from Samsung’s Game Launcher. It will allow you to quickly select an Android game you want to stream and loads of other settings. It also asks permissions which seems to be out of bounds.

What can you do with Game Live

Game live name itself says that you will stream games live as said above. All you need to do is to launch a game, log into your streaming service of choice, and start streaming. Game Live allows streams up to 4GB in size, which Samsung says should get you “around 200 minutes at high quality,” with longer times available with lower resolutions.

Game live app
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You will be able to stream with either game audio, a microphone input for commentary, or both. You’ll also have the option to save the stream locally to your device when it’s finished.

Amazon and Google Live Streaming Games

As live streaming games is so popular right now that Amazon acquired Twitch, and is continuing to grow its platform with new features for its users. Not only is it bringing more people into Amazon’s ecosystem with services like Twitch Prime, but it has also enabled live streamers to make a living doing nothing more than entertaining their community while playing some fun games. This has generally been with PC and console games, but there are some who stream mobile games as well.

Game Live App
Image via various news sources

Therefore Samsung also wanted to make it easier for its customers to live stream their mobile gaming experience to platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.  Games such a Five Nights at Freddy’s, Rocket League and more become successful thanks to the live streaming community. Samsung’s new Game Live application could help some mobile games become the next breakout title within the mobile and gaming communities.

Google Play Games also has a feature that lets you stream your gaming session to YouTube Live. Samsung’s own Game Recorder application as well as its Game Launcher application can record your mobile gaming session so that you can upload it to a video platform later. But none of them so far have integrated YouTube, Twitch and Facebook into a single application and few make it this easy to get started.

You will now thus be able to pick out  your game from a list that Game Live detects (which is similar to Game Launcher), and then you can select which platform you want to live stream to. Digging into the settings will enable you to configure a video resolution for the live stream, whether or not you want to stream the game audio, microphone audio, or both, and if you want to save the video to the device as well. Current streaming sessions are limited to 4GB in size which is said to be around 200 minutes when using the High Quality video resolution setting.

At the time of writing this post Game Live was not available in the Play Store but you can download from this link by clicking here. The app should work on recent Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up. However, it doesn’t seem that the app runs on non-Samsung hardware.

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