Notebook 9 Shows the Beauty of Simplicity

Notebook 9
Celebrate simple pleasures with the Notebook 9.

Samsung is going back to the basics with their new flagship laptop, the Notebook 9. This groundbreaking release offers a refreshing alternative to new machines that are bogged down with unnecessary features. Extremely compact & easy to use, this laptop is ready to steal the show in 2016. It’s perfect for work & caters to professionals who are living life on the go. While it isn’t as sexy as other contenders it lets you work in a beautifully simple manner. Explore the brilliant features of the Notebook 9 with this exclusive review.

Improve Productivity With the Notebook 9

The Notebook 9 celebrates simplicity while maintaining a top tier design. For those who despise the flashy nuances of Apple products, this laptop is for you. The Notebook 9 has turned its back on all the unnecessary tweaks that we have become spoiled with. There is no touch screen & the display doesn’t detach or fold back into a tablet mode. It isn’t bogged down with a ridiculous amount of pixels & you won’t fall in love with a super seductive design. However, the Notebook 9 is full of great features that will make you forget about all the rest.

Samsung has brought the focus back on performance with the Notebook 9. It boasts a long lasting battery, comfortable keyboard, bright display, competitive touchpad & amazingly thin design. All these features alone make the Notebook 9 worth the $1,200 retail price.

Notebook 9
Super light & slim, this laptop makes a statement.

Even though it weighs in at just 2.9 pounds, the Notebook 9 still makes an impression. It’s so compact that you can easily think you are using a 13 inch system. In comparison the 15 inch Notebook 9 weighs the same as the 13 inch Macbook Air. This impressive accomplishment is complimented by a full size HDMI socket, microSD card reader, USB Type-C port & a Mini DisplayPort. All this is artfully packed into a half inch thick edge.

Where the Notebook 9 truly shines is its functionality. Its keyboard is extremely comfortable & responsive, which makes typing long reports a breeze. The touchpad is cutting edge & easily reads both single & double fingerprint swipes. The screen vibrantly shines with 350 nits of high brightness. This brightness keeps the screen tantalizingly lit up even with a lower pixel density. The battery lasts longer since it doesn’t boast a 4K screen, which lets you concentrate for longer periods on work.

Notebook 9
Get ready to get to work with this compact laptop!

The list of positive features doesn’t end there. The Notebook 9 fires up in just 8 seconds, which is an impressive boot up time. It boasts a dual core Intel Core i7-6500U processor, 2.5 GHz, 8GB of RAM, integrated Intel 520 graphics & a 256GF Samsung created solid state drive. These specs allow it to go toe to toe with recent high end laptop releases from Toshiba, Razer & Lenovo. The only complaint we have was the incessant pop ups from its Symantec’s Norton Security suite. Luckily you can either purchase it or uninstall to keep working in peace.

All in all this is the perfect laptop for professionals to work on projects with. It’s exceptional start up time lets you get right to work & its long lasting battery allows you to keep going for hours. If you can live without a flashy touchscreen, this laptop will make you fall in love. Kudos to Samsung for not getting distracted by unnecessary gadgets & sticking to improving the most important functions. So far this laptop is a solid contender for 2016’s best release.

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