Maintain New Year’s Resolutions With These Android Apps

Even though most of us are already struggling to honor our New Year’s resolutions, plenty of apps can help. As January wraps up, many people are already breaking their resolutions. While promising to quit smoking or get in shape is easy to do, they are extremely hard to commit to. This is due to the fact that these transformations demand a little coaching on top of an iron will to change. Without the right guidance, many people are setting themselves up for failure. After the first pitfall, they completely surrender any hope of honoring their resolutions. Fortunately, we aren’t in this battle alone.

Instead of giving up, Android users are turning to apps to help maintain their New Year’s resolutions. Unbeknownst to most smartphone users, there are plenty of apps to turn to for self improvement. From becoming a better person to losing weight, there’s no shortage of apps claiming to be the solution. While some are thinly veiled shams, many are extremely helpful for those who want to change.

Unfortunately, so many apps are released each year that many quality programs get overlooked. To help our readers stay accountable, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for honoring New Year’s resolutions. These programs have the potential to change lives, so don’t overlook these tempting self-improvements!

Best Apps to Honor New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
Focus on what’s really important.

App #3: Journey – According to polls, becoming a better person routinely tops the list of New Year’s resolutions. While the definition of a decent person varies wildly, there are a few steps everyone can use to improve. Instead of diving into philosophy, download Journey. This revolutionary Android app helps users focus on what’s really important in life. Instead of constantly obsessing over finances, Journey puts the spotlight back on family, friends & gratitude.

Users can record and store the moments that make life worth living. The app acts as an interactive journal that can be customized to hone in on what’s truly important to you. Quit focusing on the wrong things and reconnect to your inner-passions!

New Year's Resolutions
Get help from master trainers!

App #2: Nike Training Club – When trying to get in shape, most people balk at the initial costs. Between gym memberships and personal trainers, getting healthy can be expensive. Fortunately, none of these costly options are necessary to get fit. With a minimal investment in workout gear, your home can become your gym. From there, users can get all the guidance they need from Nike Training Club.

Nike knows that diving into fitness can be overwhelming, so they built an app that connects users to trainers. They took the guesswork out of training by providing 160+ free workouts that are conducted by Nike Master Trainers. These video guided exercise routines cater to any experience level, so everyone can get in on the action. From complete novices to budding athletes, everyone can use help from experienced trainers!

New Year's Resolutions
Get an intimate look at what you are eating!

App #1: Fooducate – No matter how much exercise you do; you’re not going to lose weight with a poor diet. For this reason, getting a crash course on nutrition is essential. Fooducate clears the air on your favorite foods by showing all their ingredients. All that’s needed is scanning the barcode and the app can look up everything you need to know. If your favorite food is horrifically unhealthy, Fooducate will recommend healthy alternatives that cater to similar tastes. They also help users track calories and workouts, so there’s no excuse not to use this app!

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