Innovative Android Phones That Changed the Game

It’s no secret that the smartphone industry has been inundated in innovation ever since it’s inception. After the iPhone stole the show, people thought that smartphones had reached their peak. Judging by the advancements made by following releases, this turned out to be far from the truth. Led by Samsung, Android phones started giving Apple a run for their money. The following tech race ended up advancing smartphones at a surprising rate. These advancements paved the way for the extremely powerful phones that are now common.

Before Android phones were seen as inferior, while today they are preferred by many customers. To truly understand how far Android phones have come, it’s essential to examine the game changers. These Android releases changed the public’s mind with their innovative features. Converting die hard Apple clients isn’t an easy task, so these phones deserve some recognition. For this reason, we have compiled a list of innovative Android phones. They helped level the playing field, so let’s take a look at their features!

Most Innovative Android Phones Ever Made

Innovative Android Phones
This phone put Apple back on its toes.

Innovative Android Phone #1: Samsung Galaxy S3 (2012) – At the time, Apple’s dominance of the smartphone industry remained unchallenged. There were plenty of viable Android releases, but none captivated the attention of the masses more than the Galaxy S3. While the S2 and S2 Lite wetted clients’ appetites, the S3 announced to the world that Android phones are worth it.

At the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie. The Galaxy S3 sold 30 million units worldwide in its first four months of sales. The S3 was wildly more popular than the Galaxy S2, since sold 40 million in its entire life-cycle. This accomplishment wasn’t just groundbreaking for Samsung, it inspired other brands to keep trying.

After this iconic event, the floodgates were opened for companies trying to compete for Apple’s crown. It was the first time a competitor made iPhone fans think twice about buying Apple’s newest product. It was a game changer on multiple levels, which is why the Galaxy S3 will always be an iconic smartphone.

Innovative Android Phones
This was the first full HD display phone.

Innovative Android Phone #2: Xperia Z (2013) – The Galaxy S3 was such a hit that the entire world was fixated on Samsung’s next release, the Galaxy S4. While the internet was awash in rumors, Sony worked furiously to steal the show. The biggest rumor about the S4 was that it would be the first smartphone with a full HD display. Just a month before users found out if this was true, the Xperia Z debuted with a full HD display.

On top of becoming the first phone with an HD display, the Xperia Z also sported a few other wild features. The smartphone was the first to boast water-resistant certification, as well as a hub to connect to PlayStation. These features made this one of the most iconic Android phones to ever made.

Innovative Android Phones
This display seduced millions of users.

Innovative Android Phone #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (2015) – While most manufacturers were sticking to clunky designs, Samsung decided to change the game. They equipped the Galaxy S6 Edge with a wraparound glass display. This bold move was an instant hit, with customers clamoring to get their hands on it. From then on there was no turning back, and now the highest end phones in the industry sport a curved edge design. It will be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with next, since they are the undisputed pioneer of Android phones!

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