How to download Alexa Gear into your Galaxy watch?

Alexa Gear app

Amazon Alexa for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3

If you have ever used the incredible voice assistant Alexa from Amazon, then your favourite can now be installed on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active already have its own voice assistant, Bixby, which is not so popular and often ignored.  As Smartwatches and digital assistants go hand in hand, there are third-party developers that help us have these amazing voice helpers on our gear watches.

How to download Alexa Gear into your Galaxy watch?

How to download Alexa Gear on your Samsung Smart Watch

Be it known that Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available on over 100 million devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With Alexa, you can build natural voice experiences that offer you a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day.

First download Alexa Gear app by clicking here or from Google Play

You can install this app on both your Samsung Galaxy Watch and the connected phone.

Also explore “Alexa” in the Galaxy Watch app’s Galaxy Store section to find the Alexa Gear app. Be sure you have the Apps tab selected, otherwise you’ll only see watch faces. The app for the phone is called the Companion for Alexa. Install both the apps. You can use the phone app to log in to your Amazon account and grant access to Alexa.

Installing Alexa Gear App

After loading Alexa Gear on your watch, you will see a microphone button. Being successfully connected via your phone, an “Alexa ready” message will be displayed at the center. The app needs to be connected to your phone and can’t be used solo even if you have a 4G Galaxy Watch. Hold the microphone button and the app will listen for up to five seconds. Wait for a pulse or two for the data to be transmitted to your phone, then to the cloud, and you should hear the answer from the usual Alexa discarnate voice.

Samsung Smart watches Voice Assistant Alexa Gear

Note that Alexa Gear fails to have its own Galaxy Watch widget, and its descent isn’t practically deep enough to let you simply talk to the watch and have it respond, like an Echo Dot. The perfect approach to access it is to give the bezel two clicks clockwise to get to the app shortcuts widget. Add Alexa Gear to one of the spots here, by pressing the + icon, if your Galaxy Watch failed to do so automatically.

How to customize Alexa Gear?

Customize your Alexa Gear on Samsung

You can easily customize Alexa Gear, By default, you’ll hear the Alexa response through both your phone’s speaker and the watch speaker. But you probably just want it through the Galaxy Watch. Simply head into the Alexa Gear phone app to change. It offers two settings, the ability to choose the speaker and  Alexa responds through the language you communicate in. Just like ‘real’ Alexa, there’s a bunch of profiles for English, so  you can pick the right one for satisfactory results.

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