Gear 360 Will Revolutionize VR Content

Gear 360 1
The Gear 360 is an exciting new way to capture VR video.

Samsung is giving VR enthusiasts a fleeting chance to purchase the Gear 360 in California. This new wave of VR technology has finally hit American soil, for a limited time. The groundbreaking new camera is available for attendees of VidCon to buy for $350. This is part of the new Samsung Creators initiative that aims to entice indie filmmakers to embrace VR video. All this promotion is also paving the way for Samsung’s VR competition in July. The South Korean giant is furiously pushing VR technology, & only time will tell if investors take the bait.

Samsung Aims to Revolutionize VR with Gear 360

Gear 360 2
Samsung is offering a whole new way to record VR video.

“We want to bring the power of VR technology directly to the people,” Said Marc Mathieu, Samsung Electronics America’s marketing chief.

If you are anxious to get your hands on a top notch VR camera, the time is now. For a limited time Samsung is offering their highly anticipated Gear 360 virtual reality camera for $350 at VidCon in Anaheim, California. This is the only place to purchase the elusive VR camera in the U.S. Even though Samsung’s Gear 360 is slated to release in South Korea & Singapore next April, there’s still no date for America. This is the only chance to get your hands on Samsung Gear 360 in the near future.

This exciting development is part of Samsung’s new initiative to peak interest in VR technology. Samsung Creators is a series of seminars & classes that will be hosted at VidCon. They will teach young filmmakers the tricks of the Gear 360 & how to make superior VR video. They will then use these skills in a fierce competition hosted by Samsung in July. Out of all the contestants ten will be chosen to showcase the Gear 360’s capabilities. The categories include music, science, auto, tech, gaming, fashion, travel, culinary, 4D & sports. This new buzz is intended to break VR film into the mainstream.

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We are now at a pivotal moment for VR technology.

These events are leading up to the defining moment for Samsung’s foray into VR technology. It’s no secret that Samsung has dedicated a huge part of its team to developing these new releases. Ever since they partnered up with Facebook’s Oculus in 2014 the race has been on. The partnership brought to fruition the Gear VR goggles that were powered by a smartphone. Now the Gear 360 hopes to seduce more users to jump onboard by allowing people to create their own VR content.

Even though the market looks promising, the future of VR is hazy at best. In February the consulting firm Analysis Group estimated that VR would generate between $2.8 billion & $126 billion by 2020. This shocking range suggests that no one knows if it will take off or not. The real question isn’t if people are ready it, it’s actually the opposite. People would love to jump into a cutting edge VR matrix, but the capabilities of current technology are the only thing holding it back.

Fortunately, despite the uncertainty companies like Samsung are fearlessly pioneering VR technology. They know that if they create a product that is powerful enough, people will jump at the chance to buy it. The Gear 360 is a huge step in the right direction. It will open up doors to an immense variety of fresh VR content. Hopefully it generates enough interest for Samsung to be able to take it to the next level.

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