Galaxy X Rumors That Are Most Likely To Be True

As the release date draws nearer, the internet is awash with rumors surrounding the Galaxy X. From the details of its foldable design to the name, experts can’t agree on any aspect of this release. Even a few months before its debut, the Galaxy X remains shrouded in mystery. Instead of allowing more leaks to go viral, Samsung is remaining extremely tight lipped about their innovative flagship. While they teased fans by holding up a prototype and airing a short video at the Developers Conference keynote, plenty of questions remain.

While it appears that the Galaxy X will indeed be foldable, attendees couldn’t get a clear glimpse of the smartphone. Samsung refused to showcase the phone behind museum glass, which forces customers to wait for the official unveiling for more details. This extra layer of secrecy is causing an impressive wave of rumors that have little to no factuality. Faced with months of suspense, many websites are airing stories that are so sensational they are hard to believe. This epic amount of doubt creates a situation where most Galaxy X fans are resigned to waiting.

Fortunately, many rumors revolving around the Galaxy X are probably true. To help clear the air, we compiled a list of the top Galaxy X rumors that are most likely to be correct. These rumors have been corroborated by multiple patents and inside sources at Samsung. There’s still hope to get the inside scoop on this highly anticipated release, so dive into the details with this article!

Top Rumors About the Galaxy X

Galaxy X
One of the many interpretations of what the Galaxy X will look like.

Rumor #1: It’s Foldable – Even though foldable features have been entertained for years, it’s finally happening with this release. According to the short video and prototype flaunted by Samsung, the Galaxy X will boast a foldable design. This wild conception has earned Google’s support, along with the backing of the entire Android community. To further validate this rumor, Samsung developers shared more information about their long awaited foldable smartphone. According to them, the Galaxy X’s screen will start at 4.5-inches and fold out to 7.3-inches. This announcement was groundbreaking, since it means the Galaxy X will have the biggest screen ever installed on a smartphone.

While users may be hesitant to embrace this new trend, the versatility of foldable designs will win most customers over. By bridging the gap between smartphones and tablets, clients can enjoy the best of both worlds. The Galaxy X will be narrow when folded up and still be able to provide a tablet-sized screen when expanded. These massive unibody displays will allow users to easily multitask three different activities at once. While the functionality remains to be seen, there’s no denying that foldable technology is the future of smartphones.

Rumor #2: The Name – Despite already being hailed as the Galaxy X, another name is equally probable. In an effort to differentiate this bold release from the Galaxy S10, many experts believe this model will be called “Galaxy F”. The F will stand for fold or flex, and will have no issue being confused as ten. While this is still speculation, Samsung will have to do something to separate these two releases.

Rumor #3: The Price – While the exact prices aren’t available, this will undoubtedly be Samsung’s most expensive release to date. Thanks to its tablet qualities, the Galaxy X is the forefront of the Korean giant’s arsenal. Just comparing it to Royole’s foldable FlexPai phone shows that it will easily exceed the already pricey Note 9. A Royole FlexPai with 6GB RAM 128GB internal storage is going for $1,318, and Samsung’s version won’t be any cheaper. Taking into account the phone’s quality features, many experts are anticipating a release that exceeds $1,500. While this will undoubtedly eliminate frugal shoppers, it will be interesting seeing how many customers make the investment in the name of innovation.

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