Galaxy S8 Poised to Take the Industry by Storm

Out of all the devices unveiled at Unpacked in New York, the Galaxy S8 stole the show. This was easily the most anticipated release of the year, with visitors clamoring to get a glimpse of it. This was due to the long wait die-hard Samsung fans have had to endure. Since the dust has finally settled from the Note 7 debacle, Samsung is taking no chances with the Galaxy S8. This time it had to perfect, so it went through a series of extra tests before being released. This led to the release date being pushed back multiple times.

Luckily for Samsung fans, it appears that it was well-worth the wait. The Galaxy S8 sports a plethora of innovative features. From a bevel-less screen to a lightning quick iris sensor, this smartphone is packed with surprises. We got to use one for a day, & exploring the S8’s new capabilities was intriguing. This allowed us to create one of the most in-depth reviews of the Galaxy S8 online. Prepare to be blown away by this new release!

Exploring the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8
The Galaxy S8 is ready to take the market by storm.

After picking up a Galaxy S8, users are greeted with an interesting mix of familiar & surprising features. The model is similar to the S7, since it’s covered in Gorilla Glass 5. It sports the same dust & water protection, so users can use it in any weather. There’s no home button on the screen, which gives it a seamless feel. The both sides are curved, which makes it easier to pick up. Both S8 models sport curved front glass, which gives them a seductive appearance.

The main difference is the screen aspect ratio, which has undergone some wild modifications. Now the S8 flaunts Samsung’s new “Infinity Display”, which is leaving the traditional 16:9 ratio in the dust. The new screen has been stretched vertically while the width remains the same. This gives the S8 an 18:5:9 screen that’s eerily similar to the LG G6. The new dimensions come to life with 2960×1440 resolution on a GHD+ SAMOLED display. These impressive features make the S8 the first smartphone to achieve the requirements for 4K HDR video playback.

The type of processor powering the Galaxy S8 varies from country to country. In the US, China & Japan, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor fuels the show. In the rest of the world, users will have a Samsung Exynos 8895 processor inside their phone. Both models use all 20 of the GPU cores, so they provide exceptional force.

Galaxy S8
Everyone is raving about these new screens!

When it comes to security, users are met with mixed news. Since the front home button has been removed, the fingerprint sensor has been relocated to the back. It now sits on the side of the camera, which many believe is a terrible location. Fortunately, finger print scanners are no longer the forefront of smartphone security. The S8 sports the best iris scanner on the market, so users can unlock their phones just by looking at them.

The camera isn’t wildly different, but it does sport some key upgrades. Instead of deviating from the S7’s winning combination, Samsung decided to perfect it. The back camera features the same 12MP as the S7, but the image processing software has been updated. To appease relentless selfie takers, the front camera has been upgraded to 8MP. Many people may be disappointed with this lack of change, but it’s still a remarkable camera.

Overall, the Galaxy S8 is everything we expected it to be. It flaunts all the features we loved about the S7, along with a few innovations. The DeX docking station allows the S8 to seamlessly perform on a desktop. Throw in the new design along with a revamped Bixby assistant & you have something completely unique. It isn’t perfect, but this phone embodies the industry’s rapid evolution.

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