Educate Your Kids With These 3 Android Apps

Every year, more children are using apps with their smartphones. This is a blessing and a curse, since it marks the end of humanity being disconnected from technology. On one hand, kids are now connected to any information they could dream of. Unfortunately, without the proper guidance this can turn into massive distractions. While some children flourish with this new technology, others become even more isolated from reality.

As kids start to use smartphones at a younger age, these concerns become more poignant. To properly show children how to unlock the potential of smartphones, it’s essential to guide them with the right apps. These programs help kids develop real life skills while still being wildly entertaining. This proves to be a winning combination, since it provides entertainment that makes an impact.

It’s a shame to let a fresh mind go to waste, which makes picking the right apps for your child crucial. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for kids. They can help any child learn a new skill, so start teaching them while they are young!

Best Android Apps for Kids

Learning the ABCs has never been more entertaining!

App #3: Endless Alphabet – For those who have toddlers glued to smartphones and tablets, this app is a godsend. Instead of inundating your child with worthless information, it teaches them their ABCs. Endless Alphabet enlists colorful monsters to help educate kids about the alphabet.

There are also 50 vocabulary words to learn, with each one featuring an interactive puzzle. These games are brought to life with talking letters and short animations, so it’s impossible to get bored while playing. Even though it’s extremely educational, Endless Alphabet maintains a laid back feel. There’s no pressure or limitations, so the sky is the limit for children who want to learn!

Make coding cool for your children.

App #2: Tynker – Out of all the options Tynker offers, they all help children foray into tech jobs. This game breaks down coding in such a vibrant manner that it’s absorbable for children. By strategically moving around blocks, anyone can make their own code. On top of offering their own code building courses, this app allows kids to program drones. It’s also compatible with connected toys such as Lego WeDo2.0, Sphero, Philips Hue & Lux lighting systems.

With the paid full version, kids get access to even more information. Tynker offers 350+ puzzle levels, 18 online courses, 100 guided tutorials and a private Minecraft server. This is a treasure trove of information that’s tailor made for kids, so don’t let your child miss the boat!

Teach your child a foreign language!

App #1: Rosetta Stone Kids – Learning a language is noticeably easier as a child, which makes this app indispensable. Instead of waiting until your kid is disenchanted with foreign languages in high school, teach them while their mind is fresh. By exposing them to a foreign language early, it’s more likely that they will want to learn more.

Rosetta Stone Kids manages to artfully add an extra language while simultaneously reinforcing the child’s main language. It’s a perfect balance that’s brought to life by trapped toys. As kids maneuver through the levels, they match correct starting letter sounds to free the toys. It’s an entertaining way to learn Spanish that every kid can benefit from!

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