Ease the Pain of Divorce With These Android Apps

Now that many mobile users are unwittingly approaching a breakup, many developers have created apps that deal with divorce. Even though divorces in Australia have been steadily declining since the 90’s, they are an inescapable faucet of the marriage system. Despite fairing noticeably better than other developed nations, about one third of marriages in Australia end in divorce. On average 132 divorces are filed every day throughout the country. Between administering the child support system and settling family disputes, these breakups cost the Australian economy $14 billion a year.

While some may be alarmed by these statistics, it’s also a sign of progress. Societies with higher divorce rates generally have broader women’s rights, intricate social networks and greater acceptance of single parent families. There’s no reason to suffer in an unhappy marriage, since the effects of this repression ripple throughout society. Fortunately, most Australians have a healthy approach when it comes to marriage and divorce. More people are waiting longer and living together before getting married. This strategic approach to marriage has lowered divorces drastically, but sometimes a breakup is inevitable.

Confronted with unexpected breakups, many Australians are turning to apps to help them survive divorces. From keeping track of finances to staying in touch with your kids, there are plenty of ways an app can help divorcees. To help our readers find relief in hard times, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for divorces. These programs provide relief to those who are struggling, so quit suffering alone and shake the stigmatism of seeking help!

Best Android Apps for Managing a Divorce

Save money on your divorce by turning to this professional mediation service.

App #3: Wevorce – When embarking on this heated legal process, getting a mediator involved is essential. A third party can approach the situation without the emotional baggage that sends many ex-lovers over the edge of decency. Wevorce is a service app that aims to connect troubled couples to the proper team of divorce professionals. By taking a survey, users are directed to someone who can help. Every situation is different, since not all divorces have the same intensity. A low income couple who’s on semi-friendly terms can usually get by with a mediator while a high-income family will need a litigator.

Users can be directed to a mediator, attorney, financial analyst, divorce coach or therapist. This app covers all the bases, which is a godsend when going through your first divorce. While using the app is free, the professionals have to be paid. On average engaging in mediation cuts the cost of divorce by a third, which makes it a worthwhile investment. Wevorce’s system has been so successful that the app has raised $1.7 million in funding. Mediation is always the best solution, so start compromising and save your money!

Stay connected with your ex to address the issues of raising a child in two homes.

App #2: Our Family Wizard – Most divorces leave children with two homes, which makes an already complex task even more complicated. This app simplifies shared custody by providing a way for estranged couples to connect. Users can exchange messages and alert spouses about doctor’s visits and expenses. Everything is written in stone, so there’s no disputing who’s completing their parental duties. To help separated couples share responsibilities, this app includes a message board, expense log, calendar, info bank and journal. Stay as connected as you can while being separated!

Don’t miss out on your kid’s special moments!

App #1: SquareHub – Founded by a man who was raised in a separated family, this app unites children with their parents. SquareHub’s platform is similar to a private Facebook group for your family. It’s specifically designed for parents to stay in touch with their kids. Users can share pictures, comment and message each other on this easy to use platform. Even if you aren’t able to physically be by their side, there’s no excuse to lose touch with your children. Stay involved in their lives by giving them a direct way to communicate with you!

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