Changing Shape of New Casinos

Millennials are those people who reach their adulthood by the end of the 2000s. In other words, those people are born between 1985 and 1995. As per the study, bettors found within this slab are not ready to visit the traditional land-based casinos and betting shops rather they are more conversant and comfortable using their mobile for this purpose. They opt to spend their hard earned money on tabletop gaming which is much cheaper than playing games at the casinos.

Mobile gambling has already started to create a steer in the gambling market and is common among bettors – even the older generation – with reports signaling more than 40% of the players enjoy their games right from their smartphones.

How New Casinos Plans to Attract More Players

How New Casinos 2019 Plans to Attract More Players 1

As per a study by the UK Gambling Commission, the number of young bettors is increasing and the 18-35 age bracket is the driving force of this industry growth. The number of people from this age bracket who frequented the online casinos was around 10.7% in 2009 which has gradually catapulted to 17.8% and is expected to increase to higher figures.

Video Slot Games Will Become More Creative!

Video Slot Games Will Become More Creative

The only way to get the attention and later on the loyalty of the millennials is by displaying some sense of creativity. They want interesting and novel experiences rather than the regular Vegas-themed slot games filled with some bonus rounds and free spins.

Most of the software development companies will deploy the utter personalization of gaming using algorithms that will change the individual experience for every user.



Traditional slot machines that are operated using coins are now a passé. New technology used in video slot machines has left the mechanical fruit machines in the dust, paving the way for an improved and hi-tech iGaming. It modernized video slot games have introduced a glamorous and flashy side of Las Vegas, offering jackpots of millions of dollars to lucky bettors.

The progress in the slot machine technology has been there over the past 10 years, but with virtual gaming now virtual reality and mobile gambling will become one of the most popular sought after ways of playing and enjoying the games in the 21st century. There will be more than 200 million people playing and accessing services offered by online casinos on their mobile phones, with a large chunk of people being the millennials.

Evolving Live Dealer Platform

Evolving Live Dealer Platform

Live dealer betting is the next big thing in the iGaming industry. You can now experience what it likes to bet at a land-based casino located in Las Vegas straight to your device or PC. Live dealer gaming is yet another benchmark as far as progression is concerned from the traditional online casinos.

Seemingly, the online casinos will break the boundaries of gambling once again!

Virtual Gambling Is the Future

Virtual Gambling Is the Future

After the introduction of GameFace and Oculus Rift a few years ago, it was no surprise that the iGaming industry and particularly the online casino segment were going to start taking benefits of this modern technology. The new VR experience proves to be a game changer in so many ways, and it became the new way of trying out the technological evolution offered in the industry.  Now, players can easily use this new technology and have one of the best land-based like experience using their VR headset.

This VR craze happened sooner than expected, with the players in the online casino segment introducing software that’s perfectly suited for VR gambling not long after these devices were launched into the market.

Therefore, VR is set to be a big attracting feature for most of the millennials, coupled with the better bonus offers, security, personalization, creativity and customer support, the future of new online casino looks brighter.

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