7 Cool Gadgets You Should Have

Every year new gadgets keep releasing in the market with new features to make our lives easier and better. I have kept track of gadget sales through all 2018 and found the following 8 products to be selling like hotcakes even in 2019.

Most of these gadgets are under $60 thus making a perfect gift this year on any occasion for your near and dear ones.

1. FIXD – Diagnose Your Car

FIXD Diagnose Your Car

It is a great and unique gadget that is going popular these days. This tool allows you to understand what’s wrong with your car before you hire a mechanic to fix it. This will help you avoid any mechanic to take advantage of you ever again. Just install it into your car, pair the fixd device with your smartphone, and you are done.

2. Dodow – A Great Sleep Remedy

Dodow – A Great Sleep Remedy

Dodow light metronome help your brain to asleep – while it mesmerizes you to sleep! It throws a dim rhythmic light which is scientifically designed to quiet your busy mind fast, slow your breathing, and calming your body – swiftly lulling you into a deep and soothing sleep.

3. NightGuide HD – Night Time Driving Remedy

NightGuide HD Night Time Driving Remedy

This is a great gadget for night time driving people as it is found to be risky as per the National Safety Council. At night the vision is reduced, lights are bright and glare from another vehicle can affect your driving. On wearing NightGuide HD glasses it can significantly cut down the risk in driving under low light or foggy conditions by enhancing your visibility.

4. Peeps – Glasses Cleaner


If you wear specs or glasses, this gadget can get rid of smudge from your glasses! You do not have to end up rubbing them around and not truly clearing your lenses. Peeks is one of the most amazing glasses cleaners in the world and as it uses NASA carbon lens cleaning technology to provide you with the most crystal clear view through your lenses.  It is portable and tiny to carry anywhere with you.

5. Pocket Guardian – Affordable Protection

Pocket Guardian – Affordable Protection

This is a small keychain that can save your life. Easy fitting within your palm, it is an extra layer of security having an ear-splitting alarm (130 dB) that scares off attackers and calls for help. It will remain with you within your hand hence you are never alone. Now, stop fearing for your personal safety and experience the power of this tool that is also being called “invisible bodyguard.”

6. XY FindIt – Never Lose Anything Again

XY FindIt Never Lose Anything Again

Now you cannot lose anything again. It’s a portable tracker that you can place anywhere from keys to your dog to your bag or wallet or to your car. It will help you see where all the things are on a map thus giving you access to everything that you own. The best way to keep this is in your keychains or purse so that you do not lose your keys or purses.

7. Bondic – Fix Anything!

Bondic Fix Anything

Bondic is a magical tool with super glue. It can fix anything in your house or around. You can fix from glasses to door hinges – Bondic can help you fix it all. It’s an amazing technology that you can now have in the palm of your hand, which will not only fix fast but strong also. It can be a great gift for a mother, college student, dad, or someone who just likes to fix things and feel happy doing it.


So, friends above-listed are some of the most amazing and cost-effective gadgets these days which can make your life easier that too without spending a fortune.

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