Service NSW app brings digital licenses to Android Samsung Devices

Service NSW App

The Service NSW app is the official, free, NSW Government app helping you securely view and manage your licence and vehicle registrations with your Samsung Android phone or any other Android or iOS device.

NSW Government had fulfilled a promise to bring digital licensing to NSW for a range of licences, starting with RSA / RCG licences from NSW Liquor and Gaming, and fishing licences from NSW Primary Industries.

The  holders of those licences will be able to display their digital counterparts within the My Licences section of the Service NSW mobile app. This innovation paves the way to digital drivers licences in a couple of years.

According to NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet “NSW is leading the nation in government technology, and offer the best services to make life easier for the people of NSW.

If you carry a smartphone in your pocket and you’re looking forward to a wallet-free future, digital licences make so much sense as they’re easily accessible, safe and secure, and it’s one less thing to stuff in your wallet.

You can renew your licence and update your details with the click of a button, and there’s no need to visit a Service NSW centre or wait for something in the post. It’s all about saving time and making life easier, and these three licences are just the beginning.”

NSW Service App

Though carrying a digital licence is strictly optional; those preferring a physical card will be able to continue to use them as normal.  As you may imagine, security is probably the largest concern with digital licences, to make sure they can’t be forged or altered to pass someone off as licensed when they aren’t.

Features of the Service NSW App

NSW Service App

  • Support for MyServiceNSW Account – log in with your MyServiceNSW Account details to access app transactions that require identity verification. Don’t have an account yet? Register now.
  • App Lock Passcode protection – create a four digit passcode for additional security.
  • Driver licence details (while logged in only) – view the details of your NSW Driver Licence.
  • Digital licences – view, show, update and renew NSW government licences, permits and registrations.
  • Vehicle registration details (while logged in only) – view the registration details of your vehicles (up to a maximum of 10 vehicles).
  • Vehicle registration renewal – enter the billing number on your NSW Certificate of Registration to securely renew your vehicle’s registration.
  • Notice of disposal – enter the registration details of your vehicle to notify Roads and Maritime Services of a sold or disposed of NSW registered vehicle.
  • Demerit points (while logged in only) – view your current demerit point balance.
  • Free registration check – enter the plate number of any NSW registered vehicle to view registration status.
  • My Fines – view your vehicle-related penalty notices and fine details, including photos (if available).
  • Pay any fine – enter the penalty number or scan the barcode on your penalty letter to pay a fine.
  • Add reminders – set reminders for when your next NSW vehicle registration renewal, NSW Driver Licence, or fine payment is due.
  • Locations – find your nearest Service Centre, Roads and Maritime Registry, and eSafety Check (vehicle safety inspection) locations.

The NSW Government has put a bit of effort into securing licence data, including secure storage of data against a user’s Service NSW account, in the government’s secure data centre called GovDC. There are also measures — including one time verification codes that change at short intervals — to allow compliance officers to verify if a digital licence is the real thing, or a forgery.

Registration renewal reminders

You can only access transactions by creating a MyServiceNSW Account and validating your identity with Roads and Maritime Services using the linking process. Once you’ve successfully renewed your registration, you can create a reminder for the next renewal. You can also create a reminder as part of the Free Rego Check option, by tapping the ‘Remind me when my Rego is due’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Reminders are set 30 days before the registration expiry date. The reminder will be stored within the app, and also in the iCal app. You can edit your iCal entry at any time via the iCal app.

The free registration check provides basic registration and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance information for vehicles registered in NSW (including vehicles with conditional registration).

You just enter the NSW plate number to find out: if the registration is current, suspended or cancelled, the registration expiry date, any registration restrictions, any registration concessions, and the CTP insurer and policy expiry date. Remember no personal information is provided through the free registration check.

Accessing digital licences

You can access your NSW digital licences by tapping ‘My Licences’. To add a digital licence you’ll need to log in to your MyServiceNSW Account and link your account to the agency that issued your licence. You only need to link once.

Once you’ve added a digital licence you can view, show, update and renew your licence or permit. To find out more about digital licences, see the Digital licences fact sheet

The service centre locator

You can search for service centre locations by entering a service type and then a postcode or suburb. You can also use your current location. Search results are displayed by native maps application. Select a location to see details, including a phone number. Tap the phone number to initiate a call.

The security of your personal information

The Service NSW app has been developed based on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS). Service NSW is committed to providing a secure environment for customers to perform transactions.

No personal or credit card details will be stored within the app or on your device. During payment verification, your credit card details are encrypted as per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS).

There are payment options available and you can pay for your registration renewal by credit card or BPAY. The accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club

If you pay by BPAY, you’ll need to provide the BPAY biller code and reference number to your financial institution. This allows up to 3 days for processing your payment.

To confirm your registration has been renewed, use the Free Rego Check function in the Service NSW app, or check your registration using the Online Services website. Alternatively, you can also phone 13 22 13 to check your registration status.

An improvement in future will be the integration with fingerprint security on Android, to allow users a much faster sign-in to the app, rather than typing in a cumbersome password . The update brings the Service NSW app to a very capable position. In addition to digital licensing, you can manage a number of other common government interactions within the app, such as viewing and paying fines, checking registration of vehicles, checking your demerit points and licence expiry and more. If you have Android Samsung mobile or Tablet or any other Android smartphone or device you can download the Service NSW Android app all free from the Google Play Store. It works well with Android version 4.3 or later but varies according to device.

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