10 Steps to Add your Finger Print on Galaxy Note 5

When it comes to the security of the phone we always look for things to make it safe. Galaxy 5 has two features that enhance its security these are the two sensors: A finger print scanner and a Retina eye scanner. These sensors enable the phone user to lock and unlock the phone so that the device is not vulnerable in false hands.  Securing the phone is most important as most of the people use mobile device as a medium to do online transactions be it shopping, banking etc.

By using a fingerprint sensor you can easily secure your phone.  Here below you will find  how to set up the fingerprint sensor on a Galaxy Note 5 in 10 easy to do steps.

First Step

: Pull down the notifications panel from the top of the home screen.

Home Screen Galaxy 5

Second Step

: Tap the settings icon on the top right.

Settings on Galaxy 5

Third Step

:  Scroll down and tap Lock Screen And Security.

Tap Lock Screen

Fourth Step

: Select Fingerprints.

Select Finger prints Galaxy 5

Fifth Step

: Press and Add Fingerprint.

Press and Add Finger Print Galaxy 5

Sixth Step

: Authorize Samsung to store your fingerprint information on your device by tapping Confirm.

Disclaimer Galaxy 5

Seventh Step

: Place your finger on the home button and lift when the phone buzzes. Repeat about a dozen times till the onscreen circle fills up.

Home Key Galaxy 5

Eighth Step

: Create a backup password, consisting of at least 6 characters (including a letter and a number). You can use this password if your fingerprint authentication ever fails.

Backward Password

Ninth Step

: Press Set on the window that pops up to set fingerprint scanning as your phone unlock method.

Screen Lock

Tenth Step

: Now Lock your phone and use the finger print method to unlock to see that you have done it correctly!

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