Meet the Video Games that Changed the Industry

Out of all the video games, a few managed to completely change the industry. Instead of conforming to their peers, they took a completely different approach to entertaining players. From wild designs to developmental breakthroughs, these games sparked their own personal revolutions. Once players got a taste of their innovation, the industry was never the same. Developers scrambled to incorporate the most attractive aspects of the games to create a hit of their own.

On top of ramping up the competition, these games paved the way for everything we love about gaming. They opened the public’s eyes to themes that were previously thought impossible. More importantly, they sparked new methods that established developers scrambled to adopt. As games evolved, so did the complexity of their roots. Many of the most beloved videogames today have extensive family trees that go back multiple franchises. When faced with so many releases, discovering which games changed the industry can be a daunting task.

Despite being challenging, exploring these factors help us understand the foundation of the games we love. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most groundbreaking video games ever invented. These range from arcade blockbusters to Nintendo game changers. They all made such an impact that they changed the direction of gaming, so pay homage to them with this article!

Most Groundbreaking Video Games Ever Made

Video Games
Russian ingenuity created this classic.

Game #3: Tetris – By the 1980’s, the Cold War hysteria had computer developers in Russia & America scrambling to outdo each other. While the videogame industry was officially launched in America during the 70’s, one Russian took it by storm. In 1985, Alexey Pajitnov managed to create one of the most groundbreaking games ever released. Even though it started out as a side project in Moscow’s Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, it changed gaming forever.

The principal behind Tetris is simple, but it singlehandedly changed the public’s view on videogames. Before its release, video games were mostly regarded as “toys” to keep kids busy. Tetris shattered this stereotype by displaying that videogames could challenge users’ wits. It became a hit in Russia and was promptly picked up by Nintendo.

Players were shocked when they learned that the Game Boy wouldn’t feature a Mario release, but they quickly embraced Tetris. It became one of the most popular games ever made while simultaneously birthing the puzzle game genre. Ever since it’s release in 1989, it proved that adults could enjoy videogames with a clear conscience!

Video Games
Role playing games were born with this release.

Game #2: Ultima – When Dungeons & Dragons took America by storm in the 80’s, parents went into a frenzy. To save their kids from “satanic” board games, they purchased personal computers to distract their families. Ironically, one D&D fan managed to transition all his favorite features from the board game into a PC version.

Richard Garriott used his coding prowess & passion for role-playing games to create a masterpiece. Ultima may have been the second release in the genre, but it took the world by storm. It was an instant hit, and paved the way for every major RPG game that’s adored today.

Video Games
This game inspired one of the most influential developers of all-time.

Game #1: Space Invaders – When Taito unveiled this release in 1978, the arcade industry experienced a revolution. This game became so popular that it caused a shortage of the 100-yen coin. Even though it was wildly popular in Japan, it’s influence reached across the world. This was the dawn of shoot-em-up games, and it was also the first time players could save their high scores.

On top of creating a new genre, it inspired one of the most influential game developers to join the industry. Donkey Kong & Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has openly stated that Space Invaders changed his views on videogames. Miyamoto was so intrigued by this release that he joined the industry and created classics that are still enjoyed today.

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