5 Android Exclusive Apps that iPhones Users Don’t Have

The battle between Apples iPhones and Samsung phones has been going on for many years. They both claim to have the best features and the best phones. The debate will continue as long as both of these phones are trying to sell their products to the same group of people. In the end one of the main differences between the Samsung phones and phablets and the Apple phones and tablets is the operating system that they use.

Samsung devices rely on the Android operating system. It is not the same as the Apple IOS system that is used on these devices. While the technical people can argue about how the systems work to try to figure out which one is better, there is a simpler way to figure it out. Instead of debating bytes and gigabytes, look at the apps that can be found on the Android operating systems that cannot be found for Apple devices. This is a list of 5 Apps that re exclusive to the Android operating system.

  1. Cover – One important feature to have on any mobile device is a lock for the screen. This app works to lock the screen, but it also does more. It learns where you use your device the most. It will learn when you are at home, work or school. It will rearrange the apps on the lock screen depending on where you are at the time.
  2. Swype – When you are using the mobile device for texting and other types of typing, Swype makes it much easier. Instead of having to tap each individual letter as you are typing, the user can drag their finger across the keyboard and can complete their messages much faster and easier.
  3. Profile Scheduler – One of the fun aspects of smartphones and mobile devices is customizing them. Ringers, sound volumes and vibration effects are some of the things that people customize on their phone. The problem with this is there are times when you have to reconfigure the settings on your phone. If you are in school, you hope that you remembered to turn the ringer off, but often don’t know for sure until someone is calling you. This app will allow you to have multiple configurations that will be set based on the time, location or some other criteria that you set. There is no need to worry about whether you remembered to change the settings or not.
  4. Stock tapes widget – iPhones do not have widgets. This widget provides the user with a ticker that shows stock quote and other information scrolling across the screen. Never miss a great investment opportunity with this app.
  5. Smart Launcher – Smartphones have gotten increasingly more powerful. They have more memory and better processors that allow people to include many more apps on their phone. The problem is that navigating through these apps can be difficult. This app takes care of that problem. It sorts the apps into groups. It learns which apps you use the most and makes them easily accessible. It becomes your personal secretary that keeps your smartphone organized, but only if you have an Android phone.
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