Why Samsung’s Gear VR Showcases an Exciting Future

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has officially embarked into their first foray into virtual reality with their critically acclaimed Gear VR. It has been hailed as the best virtual reality set on the market & has outdone the Google Cardboard by leaps & bounds. The only limitation is the feeling that this set is ahead of its time. While testing it we did come up with a few drawbacks. With the limited selection of apps there is hardly a library that will do this device justice. However for the reasonable price we have to be grateful for a chance to experience this first taste of well developed virtual reality.

Experience Your First Dose of VR With Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR artfully utilizes one of 4 Samsung smartphones to give you an unmatched virtual experience. This magnificent devices allows you to utilize one of these four Samsung phones to unlock this innovative digital portal. Choose between the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ & the Note 5 to take you into a brilliant realm of virtual reality. All you have to do is connect & snap your smartphone into the case of the Gear VR. After that you just have to strap it to your head & you are ready to be immersed into an interesting array of options. You can watch HD movies in way you have never witnessed before or access a whole new line up of VR films & games. While most of the games still don’t do VR justice, there is one game that stood out: Darknet. Darknet is an innovative game that takes you through a high staked showdown between a hacker & antivirus programs. While that doesn’t sound as cool as GTA 5 it still makes for a dynamic & stimulating gaming experience.

There are many good reasons to pull the trigger & make the Samsung Gear VR your next purchase. The quality of the video is so crisp that the tsunami of new details will blow your mind. Discover the glory of watching Cirque Sole from all angles, it gives you the sensation that you are actually there. You can also enjoy a close & personal view of all your favorite HD films. This allows you not to miss any detail of the movie even if you are physically in an environment that makes enjoying a film impossible. You can also access the internet from all angles, which makes it a very intense experience. The transition is smooth & you can easily focus the screen to fit any vision without wearing prescription glasses. This is a godsend for all of us who were destined to wear glasses or suffer being borderline legally blind. The biggest reason to try this is the price, at $99.99 this is as cheap as it can get for a quality VR device.

However every device has its downsides, & the Samsung Gear VR is no exception to this rule. The main complaint we had was the tragic toll that some of the higher quality games had on the battery life. After playing Darknet for a mere 40 minutes we were alerted that the Gear VR was overheating. It was a major disappointment because we were just getting into the game. However Darknet is one of the most taxing games available for smartphones, it takes a staggering amount of energy to keep this game running & smartphones just aren’t ready for it. This leads to the biggest problem, VR technology still lacks its flagship game that will seduce people into jumping on board the VR bandwagon. While Darknet is enjoyable to play, it just wasn’t the interactive revolution that VR desperately needs. They need a game that will captivate the very essence of VR & utilize its strong points to highlight why VR is the future of gaming.

The Samsung Gear VR is a great VR device that is ahead of its time. While it isn’t going to instantly convert people to VR technology, it does showcase the huge advancements being made. The affordability of this device is an excellent excuse to get a preview of how far VR technology has come. This industry is going full throttle & evolving at astounding rates. With the pending releases of HTC Vive/Steam VR, PlayStation VR & Oculus Rift 2016 promises to be an exciting year for VR technology. We can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for us!

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