How to Update Your Samsung Firmware

Important Information

Do you need help to update your Samsung Firmware? You don’t need to worry, as you can also find proper information on how to do this. However, as you can probably imagine, you are recommended to visit Samsung’s official website, where you can get the support you need, suited for your needs. There, you will be able to locate your device and see detailed instructions regarding the update you need or wish to do. Some of the devices may not have any update available, so that you need to first check whether your device can be updated or not. Accessing Samsung’s support will provide you with the information and instructions needed in order to update the firmware of your Samsung device.


The beginning

Before you connect your device to a PC, you need to make sure the connection runs smoothly. For this, you will need to have a Kies downloaded and installed on the PC you wish to use. You also need to make sure that the Kies program is suitable for the device and operating system you are using. You need to close all the programs before opening the Kies app. You will then connect the USB cable directly to the PC. You will only be able to update the firmware on your Samsung device if you connect it to the PC using a USB cable which is directly connected to the PC.

How to Update the Firmware?

In order to update the firmware on your Samsung device, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect the device to the PC through the USB cable
  2. Open Kies on your PC
  3. Click on the Firmware Upgrade option in order to start the updating process
  4. If the program needs to be updated, a pop-up message will appear displaying the Update button, which you need to click in order to continue
  5. A backup process will start, in order to preserve all of your data


Updating the firmware on your Samsung device is not difficult to do, as long as you follow the necessary steps required. The most important thing is to ensure your device can be updated and also to make sure you carefully follow all the instructions specific to your device. Always use the updates from Samsung’s official website, where you will get proper support. This way, you ensure your device will be completely functional and the update of your firmware will work as planned.

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